If You Match With This Girl On Tinder, She Just Might Steal Your Organs

I just got Tinder a couple weeks ago, and FINDING LOVE IS HARD, GUYS!

Sure, there are a lot of fish in the sea, but some of those fish are jellyfish and some are sharks and some are just plankton robots trying to get you to follow them on Skype so they can sell you bRaNd NeW ipHonE$.

That metaphor may have gotten away from me. My point is, online dating can be tough.

Especially when you come across a user who seems less interested in sharing an intimate connection with another human being who has a similar point of view, sense of humor and sexual fetish, and more interested in the health and viability of your internal organs for transplants.

One Twitter user came across “Nicole’s” (27) profile and noticed some very suspicious preferences in her bio.

It gives new meaning to “I’m interested in people who are beautiful on the inside.”

Now, this is clearly a joke that Nicole is making. If it isn’t a joke, the Tinder really needs to step up their anti-organ-trafficking game.

Twitter exploded, obviously.


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