The Media Lynching Of Bill Cosby.


How soon we forget. How soon we forget the false rape convictions of the Black and Latino teenagers in the Central Park jogger “wilding” rape case. How soon we forget the Duke Lacrosse Team false rape case. How soon we forget the Rolling Stone, Michael Irvin, Derrick Coleman, Chris Webber, DMX, Greg Kelly, and the Heidi Jones false rape cases. As a domestic violence expert, it is amazing to see the national media’s “collective amnesia” regarding these cases, cases in which they were instrumental in “media lynching” these innocent men. In each of these cases, the media  publicly convicted the wrongly accused, while sinisterly engaging in “selective reporting” by not relaying the information in their possession that irrefutably showed the accused to be absolutely innocent. They are doing the same in the case of Bill Cosby.

As the information on the website reveals, Bill Cosby, (and now Damon Wayans) is being subjected to a blatant double standard when it comes to accusations of sexual impropriety versus his White male celebrity counterparts. The bias is so bad that I can tell if the accused sex predator is Black or White with my back to the television with my eyes closed. If the accused is White, the media immediately questions the character of accuser and invokes strict journalist standards on any negative statements against that male.

If the accused is Black, the media questions every action about him no matter how harmless and irrelevant, while releasing any and every false and unsubstantiated allegation that they can make up. When the accused is White, the most minor indiscretion in accuser’s past is trumpeted as proof of her allegation being false.  If the accused is Black, you would think the accuser was the product of an immaculate conception, who just popped up on Earth last night, even if she has an admitted history of prostitution, drug addiction, and worse as is the case with Cosby’s accusers.

Ask yourself, how could these questions not be asked by the media:
-What were 15 year old Bill Cosby accusers Judith Huth and Chloe Goins doing at the Playboy mansion in the middle of the night partying?
-Why aren’t the police investigating the people who let them into the Playboy mansion and brought them there?
-Janice Dickinson, didn’t you say on a reality show, “I would do anything for drugs” in reference to the time in which you are accusing Bill Cosby of drugging you (her admitted drug history
You know why these questions have not been asked, the answers don’t help convict Cosby, the exonerate him.

Even worse is the media’s portrayal of the “Quaalude deposition” as the unquestionable proof of Cosby’s guilt.  This is opposite of the
truth, the deposition actually further clears Cosby. Bill  Cosby was asked a series of questions, culminating in the question “When you got the Quaaludes, was it in your mind that you were going to use these Quaaludes for young women that you wanted to have sex with?”  Cosby’s answer was, “Yes.”  Bill Cosby is Dr. William H. Cosby PHD, and is of course smart enough to know when and how to lie. All Cosby had to say, and more importantly  he knew all he had to say was, “NO.” End of deposition, end of case.

Why did Bill Cosby answer that question in the affirmative? It is exactly what it appears to be, he was being honest. The reason he was being honest will shock the world. Cosby was so honest about the Quaaludes because in the top party capitals of the world, females regularly take date rape drugs for the sole purpose of having “unrestrained” sex. I know this because grew up in Detroit around the world renown Kronk boxing gym, and through that association I met pretty much every major athlete and celebrity on Earth at star studded parties and at ringside in Las Vegas, Miami, NYC, Toronto, and LA.

I’ve had lunch with Donald Trump, advised professional athletes and major pro leagues Cosby like cases,  dated models, actresses, and singers for most of my life and watched it happen as the norm, not the exception. Even more stunning for the public to digest is the fact that the main media outlets hanging Cosby  MUST know that this fact, because they reviewed the book  “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask)” by Dr. David Reuben in which he states that girls and women take date rape drugs such as GBH knowingly and willingly like they take aspirin.

The list of media outlets that reviewed the book reads like the who’s who of the American media. (CNN, People magazine, the Chicago Tribune, etc. not to mention that both People magazine and Entertainment Tonight personally sought this and other more exonerating information from me concerning the accusations against Cosby. Once the information was verified, they made sure you never saw it.) Do you think they forgot that they reviewed Dr. Reuben’s book?  NBC, which shut down Cosby’s new show did an hour long program on its news magazine “Dateline” concerning teenage girls voluntarily taking GBH for the sole purpose of engaging in “gangbangs”.  Do you think they forgot they ran the program? No, they hope you did.

So to Gloria Allred, I accept your challenge to debate the Cosby case(s) anytime, anywhere, any network.  At this point, believing the accusations against Cosby is like giving your money to Bernie Madoff after he was convicted of running the world’s largest Ponzi scheme and sentenced to 150 years in prison. Taking Cosby’s accusers word for it, is like denying that a certain percentage of females like drug fueled sex after reading the autobiographical stunner “Fast Girl”  by Olympian, and Vegas call girl Suzy Favor Hamilton.  There’s a word for this- deluded.



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