Men Use BLACKMAGIC To Stop Their Wives From Cheating

Magun ‘Thunderbolt’ is a secret love and killer charm, placed on a wife who has been suspected of cheating. The charm results to the death of any man who sleeps with the woman (except her husband). Thunderbolt can be traced to Sango – the Yoruba god of thunder and lightning.

“I sleep with other people’s wives, so i can’t do it on mine,” one man stated clearly

BattaBox presenter Timothy speaks to a local herbalist Alfa Malik, as he explains the myth behind the charm ‘Magun’ (thunderbold) placed on women suspected to be cheating in Yoruba land.

“There are different types of Magun,” says Alfa Malik

Magun is strange but true, many people have lost their lives due to Magun. But sometimes it is merely used as a tool to disgrace a cheating woman caught in the act, because she and the man would definitely get stuck.

“It takes 7 days to uncouple them,” Alfa Malik explains

Although magun is known to be a Yoruba charm, but there are ways and charms other tribes use to prevent their women from cheating.

But do people still believe in using magun for their wives?

“I can protect my wife using Magun,” says one man.

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