Mention *this* #word in your #online dating #profile to get more #matches

Crafting an online dating profile is no small feat—it can take hours to find the perfect, flattering photo and distill your awesome personality into just a few sentences. But before you click save, you might want to think about adding a few specific words that could seriously boost your chances of finding love.

That’s according to a study by online dating service Zoosk that found that just mentioning the word “foodie” can get you a staggering 82 percent more incoming messages.

Not only that but certain foods in particular are especially likely to garner interest. Top of the list? “Guacamole,” which led to 144 percent more incoming messages. Other good words are “potatoes,” which led to a 101 percent spike in the number of messages received, followed by “chocolate” which boosted incoming messages by 100 percent.

Researchers analyzed more than 3 million online dating profiles and over 300 million first messages to come up with their findings.

But not all foods were guaranteed matchmakers. Including “fried chicken” in a profile resulted in 15 percent fewer messages and “yams” led to a whopping 70 percent decrease in messages. Food for thought.