New Mexico sued after alleged gang rape involving football players captured on Snapchat


A former University of New Mexico student has filed a lawsuit against the school under Title IX regulations for the “willful indifference of UNM in the manner in which it responded, or failed to respond to her report of a gang rape on and near campus committed by UNM football players.”

According to KOB 4 in New Mexico, the victim alleges at least three UNM football players (Crusoe Gongbay and SaQwan Edwards were named in the suit) and another student from Central New Mexico Community College (Ryan Ruff, a former UNM football player) sexually assaulted her in April of 2014, “recorded scenes on their cell phone to send around to others via Snapchat and the internet,” and lied to police afterwards.

The lawsuit describes the night of the alleged rape where she was picked up in a BMW by the Gongbay, Edwards and Ruff, who said they were taking her to a party. Instead, the victim says she was drugged, raped and dropped off outside of on-campus dorms. After a UNM security guard alerted campus police, the victim was given a sexual assault exam.

The victim claims she didn’t know she was drugged, but said there were several “missing hours” before the alleged rape took place.

The victim also says UNM failed to follow Title IX regulations claiming “UNM administrators, including the Office of Equal Opportunity (OE) and the Athletic Department interfered with the police investigation of these rapes,” and that “administrators demonstrated more concern with returning its football players to team play, protecting the athletic department, and protecting males” as opposed to investigating the victim’s report that she was drugged and raped.

The victim claims to have been “re-victimized” and “deprived of the benefit of access to educational benefits, and caused other injury and harm.”

UNM released a statement Thursday saying “UNM takes sexual violence allegations very seriously. The University’s primary concern is the safety and well-being of its students, as well as ensuring that there are fair processes in place for all involved.”

In the lawsuit, the victim said she lost her scholarship and was forced to change schools after the incident and has had to undergo “extensive therapy” for post-traumatic stress disorder.



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