Michael Joseph Straface, Naples, FL

Michael married me under the pretense we were in love. We didn’t have any issues. Then he started school and got stressed so I attributed his late nights in his office to that but it turns out he was having a long affair with someone and having conversations with her online while I was sleeping. I didn’t find out until the woman’s beau sent me the proof.

Problem is I filed for divorce in March 2013 but Michael suddenly started dating on FB a co-worker in July – apparently a woman he had been talking to ALSO while we were married this after we were working to reconcile. Then the anonymous emailer person sent me proof he’d been having affairs since the start of the marriage.

When he was laid off in 202 and I had to take a second job to support us – he was meeting women on the weekends or the affair person. This man seems so nice and sweet and is great looking but trust me ladies – you won’t get a straight answer and you’ll learn once it’s too late.

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