Michelle Madrigal goes viral for sharing how she found her ‘forever’ from Tinder | #tinder | #pof

Michelle Madrigal goes viral for sharing how she found her ‘forever’ from Tinder

Jan Milo Severo (Philstar.com) – October 5, 2020 – 7:13pm

MANILA, Philippines — A video of actress Michelle Madrigal and her husband Troy Woolfolk recently resurfaced online. The video went viral on Twitter because it revealed how the couple met via dating app Tinder.

The video came from the couple’s YouTube channel from a year ago.



“MICHELLE MADRIGAL MET HER HUSBAND ON TINDER… SANAAAAA ALLL!!!!!!!!!!” Twitter user @gerviccespinar captioned the video, to which Michelle replied: “Lol!!!! Mahahanap mo din yan!!!! Push Lang!!! :)”

In the video, Troy shared how Michelle found him on Tinder.

“Tinder. Swipe swipe. She gave me the star. I was the Star of the Day,” Troy said.

“Yeah. We met through Tinder, a dating app. We went out. We did start talking on like a weekend. Sunday, right? Where we swiped. And then we met up on a Wednesday and then we went out again on a Saturday with his friends. And the rest is history,” Michelle added.

“And then we did a hanky-panky on a Sunday,” Troy confessed.

In the same video, the couple talked about who between them is the more jealous one.

“I would say for me, you. You’re more jealous,” Michelle told her husband.

“Usually, yes. But you’re not jealous until you are, which is weird. ‘Cause like I don’t know how to explain it, but you don’t give out jealous vibes, but then if a scenario comes up for you to be jealous, you’re jealous,” Troy said.

The couple tied the knot on April 12 last year in Austin, Texas.

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