Michelle Obama feels Tinder can’t lead to long-term relationship, netizens ‘beg to differ’ | #tinder | #pof


As the former US first lady Michelle Obama recently spoke about modern relationships and why they fail to stand the longevity test, several internet users took to Twitter to dismiss her comments on dating platforms like Tinder and shared images of their successful relationship with a partner who they found online. While speaking on the latest episode of The Michelle Obama Podcast, the former first lady opened up about some tips for youngsters. Michelle said, “You can’t Tinder your way into a long-term relationship’. 

She spoke about modern relationships and how young couples face challenges and they’re ready to give up because they think they’re broken. Michelle said, “There’s no magic way to make that happen except getting the basics of finding somebody, being honest about wanting to be with them, to date them seriously, to plan on making a commitment, to date them, seeing where it goes, and then making it happen”. 

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Netizens say ‘Tinder can be good’ 

Soon after she shared insights into long-term relationships, netizens seemed offended by Michelle’s thoughts on dating platforms. While some users simply said that ‘Tinder can be good,’ others shared pictures of themselves with their partners and wrote about how they met each other online and since have been living happily. One user said, “With all due respect, I married the one and only Tinder date I ever went on”. Another added, “Uhhhh Michelle, ily but almost five years with this hunny tell me otherwise”. 

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