Mike Lanigan, Musician, The Marsels, HotHouse


Narcissistic Sociopath who’s been “love bombing”, manipulating, and harming women since 20 years old. He’s 59 and has just hooked his next victim from a dating website, Plenty of Fish.
He admittedly has never loved but has convinced all that he does love them. Psychologists that have gone over the 3000 pages of documents I have , label him a Maignant Narcissistic Sociopath. He has been a serial cheater which includes one night sex from porn sites with men and women while have continuos long term affairs that overlap. He engages in web cam activity habitually with men and women performing anal sex on self for them.
This man is considered a ” dangerous personality.” You will find him charming, loving, honest… But trust me… If it came out of Mike Lanigans mouth it’s lie. If you think he’s changed.. It’s impossible. There’s no therapy for narcissistic sociopath/psychopathy. If you think he’ll be faithful to you because “you’re different.. I can see myself being happy with someone like you..” You’re fooling yourself. It’s never happened. He uses variations of the same live bombingwith everyone but not much difference . Btw.. All ex’s are crazy and that’s how you’ll be referred to also.



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