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(The Magazine Plus Editorial):- New York City, New York Jun 1, 2021 ( – Mila, a social relationship app is scheduled to launch in the New York Metro Area in June 2021 and globally shortly thereafter. Mila is a modern twist on matchmaking and online dating: Curating matches based on compatibility. Mila’s vision is to connect compatible people all over the world.    

Let’s face it, dating is hard as it is. Let alone trying to date while getting out of the pandemic! Awkward first dates, mismatched expectations, and sometimes just plain boring.

We at Mila wanted to change the mold. Before you ‘swipe’ on a potential, why not find out a little bit more about your compatibility? Our algorithm and features allow you to take compatibility metrics into consideration before deciding to swipe. Pretty cool, we say!

We think it’s intelligent dating!

No more ghosting. 

No more wasted time and energy. 

No more strange setups.

Shreya Wadhwani, Co-Founder of Mila, comments: “We started Mila last year to solve the gamification and downwards spiral experience on dating apps. After spending weeks on numerous dating apps to swipe through and find “The One” to a few more weeks juggling through multiple conversations with different matches, we felt exhausted. Not only that, after a little while of talking to each other-we would realize that we don’t get along and go back to the drawing board!”

“So, we decided to do the work for you! Instead of swiping purely based on looks, Mila provides a detailed compatibility breakdown so you can make an intelligent decision on who you want to spend time nurturing a relationship with”, remarks Shamini Wadhwani, Co-Founder of Mila.

Mila wants its users to spend time making meaningful connections, with people that have a higher likelihood of compatibility! Not just a swipe and click culture.

Its 2021,

Write your own love story with Mila. Potentially, even find the one!

We look forward to introducing our app and sharing the experience with you.


Shreya Wadhwani

Co-Founder Mila

+ 1 201-566-7905
email us here

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