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  1. tuti yunita

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  2. peggy driessen

    I pray you catch these thieves and corporal punishment for them , and then let us women who have had our money? and even more important our hearts ripped out….I want revenge to, Whom ever I was scammed by threatened to assassinate my daughter and I ,when I discovered the truth and freaked out on him and he knew he wasn’t getting any money ….game over!

  3. odete pinto

    redvalleyful1 what they do to your aunt they trying to do it to me but i never agree with this schemes and investigate the supose diplomat jydiplomat@gamil.com, james belloy and the military names Vera Xeon email taliban_45@hotmail.co.uk …the packcage is supose? to be in airport of Belgium and this diplomat call’s me form there +32488346541…the “soldier” and the “diplomat” are from the same land : Ghanna,,,checked the IP…i hate this guys using U.S.Army disgusting…they have to be punish

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  6. Hopeofnigeria

    You haven’t to be a fool to fell to a scam. Just lonely and disrespected from lovers in? the past

  7. Debbie Tulk

    There are alot of guys using pictures of USA soldiers and they are copying the pictures from google.Im on ww.tagged.com dating site and like i have had 10 soldiers try to scam? me.On to me he wanted im the pay $355 for a spy phone im not a fool but this is just not write something need to be done

  8. redvalleyful1

    recently my aunt is avictim of these, they had sent a picture of an army with a name of VICTOR ERIC LUDD MILLER, he said he is deployed in iraq, with a UNITED NATION DIPLOMAT, under the name of Capt. George Freeman, he had promise marriage to my aunt and was emailed by this us army that he send a package to my aunt to a U N DIPLOMAT and was held GHANA that? this US ARMY want my aunt to wire money to this UN DIPLOMAT under the name of ERNEST IBOH C ,GHANAN AIRPORT.SHE WAS SWINDLER OF USD 3370

  9. totoynani143

    Army always pay soldier for travel and first they need to aprove it. They dont get involve w/financial matters unless u? owe them.Soldiers can get involve with any financial institution they choose just like civilian.Army rarely pays you late or its just an error that occured.

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