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Singles in Silicon Valley: Men feel outmatched, women outnumbered

This ratio reflects the local economy in Palo Alto and the whole Santa Clara Valley. Global high-tech giants and tech startups have struggled for years to bring more women into their offices.

For example, men make up about 70 percent of the working staff of Apple, Facebook and Google. A company with thousands of employees facing this disparity has natural problems. Departments with different gender balances have no chance to mix or socialize.

In the city of digital natives and tech nerds, many singles are frequently using dating apps, even though they doubt their success. But Silicon Valley dating also means staying digital because everyone is using dating apps and sites.

Women reportedly say they feel underwhelmed by both the daily working life and the choice of men they meet on their job. In contrast to that, men say they are outmatched and overlooked. Since there are just too many other single men around, it’s hard to stand out or meet anyone else. Helpful are the suggestions on how to make the first move correctly, so men (and of course women, too) should check out these five tips on how to attract a woman.

One Luxy user, Jennifer W. of San José, explained that many fellow singletons are tired of endless swiping on mainstream dating apps. Having used several ones herself, she ended up on 15 first dates.

Some of them were that disappointing, it made her to delete some apps right away. Eventually she turned to Luxy, claiming it is the best dating app available in Silicon Valley. “It became absolutely necessary to actually match with like-minded people. While I hate elitism and people who think they are better than others, it was necessary to draw a line. Too many guys on general dating apps where not what I was looking for: different ideas of spending free time or only interested into hookups. Luxy was the first app that actually worked.”

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