Missing Woman’s BF Arrested When Cops Realize She’s Not His First Ex To Vanish


Ten years ago, Taalibah Islam disappeared after having an argument with Christopher Revill. Now, the exact same thing has happened to Typhenie Johnson.

Ten years ago, Revill told everyone the last he’d seen of Islam was her getting in a car with a man he didn’t know. Now, he’s told police the same thing about Johnson.

Ten years ago, Revill wasn’t a suspect in Islam’s case. Now, things are different.

Both women had been in relationships with Revill before their respective disappearances. But Johnson’s case is the one that has led to the 32-year-old’s arrest.

The Texas man is now being charged with kidnapping Johnson, which in turn is prompting Islam’s disappearance to be re-examined, reports NBC-DFW.

And according to Taalibah’s sister, Hadiyah Islam, there’s no question as to whether Revill was involved in the January 2006 case.

Hadiyah told NBC-DFW,

Yes. He’s denying it, but I know. There’s no doubt. There’s no doubt in my mind. I know he did.
The last time Taalibah’s family saw Revill, he was dropping off the son Taalibah and he had together.

It seems likely the only reason they’ve heard of him again is because a second family is now experiencing the distress of losing a loved one who was romantically linked to Revill.

Jewel DeCasta, one of Johnson’s co-workers, told NBC-DFW last Wednesday,

We don’t know where she could be at, if she’s OK, if she’s breathing, if she’s helpless, we just don’t know. We just want to make sure our little sister is OK.
Revill is now being held by police on $50,000 bond. He was arrested after a search by cops led to multiple pieces of evidence suggesting the 32-year-old’s involvement in Johnson’s disappearance.

According to WFAA-8, ABC’s Dallas-Fort Worth affiliate, police found a bra that appeared to be stretched out, a woman’s shirt, a man’s shirt and a wrist watch in the backyard of the home of Revill’s parents.

That same home is 14 miles away from the grounds of the apartment complex where Revill and Johnson were seen arguing before the 25-year-old woman disappeared.

Johnson’s brother, Asher, told police after Revill drove away he found one of Typhenie’s socks and her cell phone on the ground.

Since Typhenie’s disappearance, police and volunteers have been searching for her. While they may not have found the woman yet, it looks like they may have found the man behind her disappearance.



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