The #mistake you’re #making on #Tinder that is #costing you #dates

It’s 2018 and you’re fine as you are, so forget that whole “new year, new you” crap…

Why don’t you make this the year you find yourself a new lurver, instead?

We know dating (online dating in particular) can be confusing at times, we enlisted a little help!

In the name of love, we chatted with the team at Tinder about what you’re doing wrong when it comes to the app and well, it turns out there are a few things.

1. Stop leaving your bio blank:

People wanna see some personality!

2. Smile in your photos:

I mean, this should be obvious? No one wants to date this look:

People who smile increase their chances of being right-swiped by 14 per cent.

3. Get rid of those bloody sunglasses:

You’re basically asking to be left-swiped.

4. Choose photos where you’re wearing colour:

It’ll help you stand out against the 72 per cent of users who wear black, navy or white in their pics.

Yes, we know 99.9 per cent of your wardrobe is made up of those colours.

5. Give ‘Smart Photos’ a whirl:

It can improve your chances of being right-swiped on by up to 12 per cent.

6. Link your Instagram account:

You know people are trying to stalk you on it, anyway.

7. Swipe on a Sunday:

Sunday afternoon is when Tinder’s users are the most active.

Who knew?

There is one thing that is setting your Tinder game back above all else, however.

…And no, it’s not your gym mirror selfies – but ew, get rid of those, anyway.

It’s how you approach your convos. According to the folk at Tinder, sending a GIF is said to get the best results… (who doesn’t like GIFs, right?).

Apparently, users who use GIFs are 30 per cent more likely to get a response and are more likely to have conversations that last twice as long.

The only other tips Tinder has to offer are: be yourself, and be respectful.

Now go forth and swipe, lovelies!