Mob of Canadian Feminists Try To Block Entry of Pickup Artist Roosh V Over “Hate Speech”


Pick up artist and blogger Roosh V has been the target of an online hate mob for his supposedly misogynistic speech and his website “Return of Kings.” The identity of this mob is no real surprise; social justice warriors, the greatest modern threat to freedom of speech and thought.

This time the SJW/feminist mob wants to silence and punish Roosh for “wrongthink” through a petition on The petition seeks to ban Roosh from continuing his speaking tour in Canada, and has now reached 45’000 signatures. Even Mayor of Toronto John Tory has tweeted about it stating, “I am calling on those hosting this tour to do the right thing – cancel this show.

I didn’t realize the “right thing” went against section two in the charter of rights and freedoms, Mayor Tory.

Other prominent Canadian politicians who are supporting the anti-freedom of speech protesters include Cheri DiNovo, Toronto Councillor Norm Kelly, and Member of Parliament Bonnie Crombie.

The protest they are supporting is by no means peaceful; Roosh has been forced to hide the location of his speaking events until the very last-minute due to threats of potential violence. Despite all efforts to avoid confrontation, he still faced an angry mob outside his event in Montreal. A video of the demonstration has been released showing feminist Jessica Lelievre throwing a beer in Roosh’s face while people yell curses at him. Deservedly, Jessica received two middle fingers and an aggravated assault charge in return from Roosh.

Roosh spoke in Toronto last night, in spite of the protests from every level of the Canadian establishment, finishing his World Tour. This is one man speaking to a room of 40 something people, who has committed no criminal acts and shown no intention to. He is being condemned by politicians and thousands of Canadians for thought crime, a profound indicator of the current state of freedom of speech in Canada.

One has to wonder how he could have provoked such an onslaught. Arguably, the largest contributor to this hate towards Roosh and accusations of misogyny is his article “How to stop Rape,” wherein he advocates for the legalization of rape on private property. Headlines from the media have read “MRA Roosh V Wants to Legalize Rape to Teach Women a Lesson,” or “Misogynistic Blogger: Make rape on private property legal so women can have ‘learning experiences.’” In reality, Roosh’s piece appears to be a thought experiment – an extreme and satirical situation to consider and entertain without fully accepting. This has proven to be an ideal source for media to rip out of context quotes in order to label Roosh as a rape advocate.

The tongue in cheek article is a response to a radical movement that has tried to denounce precaution, responsibility, and prevention by labeling it “victim blaming.” When the police suggest methods to prevent rape based on statistical evidence, radical feminists refuse to listen. In fact they often decide to do the exact opposite instead; run around in their underwear on the streets while boasting about how many sexual partners they’ve had. Here’s some food for thought: the variables found to be related to women being sexually victimized were (a) number of different lifetime sexual partners, (b) provocative dress, and (c) alcohol use.(Synovitz LB, Byrne TJ., J Am Coll Health. Jan;46(4):151-8. (1998))

Last year, four undergraduate students at North Carolina State University created a nail polish that detects common date rape drugs. These men worked very hard to help prevent women from being sexually assaulted, yet somehow this innovation proved controversial. The polish was labeled anti-woman because it takes some level of effort and foresight on the woman’s part to apply. Tara Culp-Ressler, Senior Editor at ThinkProgress, went as far to say that giving this option to women is “-something that actually reinforces a pervasive rape culture in our society.

Trying to prevent sexual assault  enforces rape culture? Both Culp-Ressler’s and Roosh V’s articles would fall under Poe’s Law, but only one of them was actually satirical. So why is it only Roosh who is under fire for his comments and not these insane feminists who are demonizing rape prevention?

Rape should be punished accordingly through the law, and no means no even on private property. This does not mean the victim made wise choices;  a man who carries a hundred-dollar bill on a string behind him technically isn’t at fault for it being stolen, but he’s a fool if he thought it wouldn’t be.

There will always be bad people who commit crimes knowing full well that what they are doing is illegal, yet we still have those who believe “teach men not to rape” is a viable solution to this problem.

These people don’t want to hear any other opinion, especially not an article that mocks their logic and proposes a ridiculous solution that would probably prevent more rapes than their current methods. That’s the real punchline of Roosh’s article. Feminist methods of fighting “rape culture,” such as Slut Walks, are so ineffective that legalizing rape would do more to help stop sexual assaults. Out of fear for my own safety, I will state once more that the legalization of rape will never be an acceptable solution.

In an interview with The Rebel Media’s Ezra Levant, Roosh states that the “the media [in Canada] lead by the CBC, bell media and CTV, they published a lot of lies about me that have turned me into someone I’m not, into a monster who rapes children and everything. So they’ve gotten this mob frothed up, and they’ve incited this mob to assault me.”

These talks Roosh is giving are not ones filled with hate speech, he’s not even discussing his satirical article. He stated that it’s essentially “a men’s happy hour, where men can talk about life, self-improvement, business, women, and lifting.” This is hardly the misogynistic rape rally his tour is being portrayed as, and yet with so little sexism to complain about in the first world, SJW’s have latched onto Roosh.

I won’t advocate for everything Roosh stands for and I have yet to closely analyze some of his other radical statements,  but he certainly has his right to free speech. Slander and defamation are horrible things to happen to anyone, and I can only hope the truth comes forward to silence the mob.


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