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90 Day Fiance alums Danielle and Mohamed Jbali recently met a couple of weeks ago. After three years of divorce, the two of them saw each other for the first time. Fans were confused by the need for them to reunite but were happy that Danielle wanted closure. The ex-couple met and sorted their issues as much as they could. However, only a while after this, Mohamed has been spotted on a dating site. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

90 Day Fiance: Danielle & Mohamed Met After Three Years Seeking A ‘Closure’

Danielle Jbali (née Mullins) and Mohamed Jbali formed one of the most controversial couples on the TLC show. Viewers could see that the two of them were using each other for their separate reasons. After their failed attempt at marriage, they got their divorce back in 2017. Danielle now stars on Discovery+ spin-off 90 Day Fiance: The Single Life. Even though she started a new life, Mullins accepted that she found to hard to move on. She felt ‘betrayed’ by her ex-husband and wanted proper closure to her past with him.

Hence, she met with Mohamed, who now works as a truck driver, three years after their divorce. Danielle was overwhelmed with a lot of emotions after meeting her ex-husband. However, she was satisfied to get a kind of an apology from Jbali and wanted to move on from him post their meet-up. Fans are still hoping that this meeting could help Mullins let go of her past.

90 Day Fiance: Mohamed Matches With Another Woman On A Dating Site

It’s only been a couple of weeks since the former 90 Day Fiance couple reunited. Well, it looks like the meeting has helped one of them to actually move on. Mohamed was criticized for using Danielle for the Green card. The toxic couple scarred each other in some form or other during the time they were together. However, Jbali has finally decided to let go of his past. He was recently seen on a dating site.

An Instagram fan page, 90daythemelenatedway, shared a post with a screenshot of Mohamed’s dating profile. They pointed out that he matched with a Reddit user peachinparadise on Facebook Dating. The screenshot shows that Jbali liked the Reddit user and the two of them matched. His profile features a picture of him with a bio-description as “Simple person, family and religion matter.”

Well, a lot of people in the comments have pointed out that the screenshot looks fake. Other comments warn the Reddit user to ‘run’ as they know Mohamed’s past. Mohamed has received much criticism for the same as many comments had a lot of bad things to say about him. However, some people have also said that the person has all the right to move on and start dating again. Yet, fans still hope that the 90 Day Fiance alum treats his future love interest better than how he treated ex-wife Danielle.

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