More charges for former Perth cop accused of ‘depraved’ abuse of Tinder dates | #tinder | #pof

Mr Moore resigned from the WA Police force in 2018, after being jailed for unrelated offences.

The state prosecutor alleged Mr Moore’s modus operandi was to meet women on dating sites, gain their trust, engage in a consensual sexual relationship, and then use a drink to drug them and conduct “depraved sexual acts” upon them without their consent.

The alleged acts – which Mr Moore recorded – included chaining the victims up, urinating on them, inserting objects into their bodies, and forcing sexual interactions with a dog.

“The women didn’t pass out, but they reached a stage where they couldn’t consent,” the state prosecutor said.

The state opposed bail due to concerns Mr Moore would reoffend or try to contact his alleged victims to encourage them not to give evidence.

His lawyer, Mark Andrews, said Mr Moore would be pleading not guilty to all charges against him, claiming the sexual acts, which while “depraved”, were consensual and done in the context of sadomasochistic relationships.

He noted any trial for Mr Moore to prove his innocence would be at least 18 months away, and that bail should be granted – with strict conditions that prohibit him from accessing the internet or contacting the complainants.

He said one of the new complainants attended Mr Moore’s 50th birthday after the alleged offences had taken place, another, he claimed, was evidently consenting to being filmed.

Mr Andrews said some of the new complainants also claimed to have remembered conversations with Mr Moore while drugged – including one who alleged he had sex with her in a car, telling her, “It will be ok, you’ll enjoy it”.

Another of the new complainants, Mr Andrews said, was a jilted ex-girlfriend.

The Magistrate reserved her decision on whether to grant Mr Moore bail to next week, with the 50-year-old to be held in custody until then.

At the time of his arrest in May, Acting Inspector Simone Van Der Sluys said she believed Mr Moore may have used his position as a police officer to pressure and intimidate the women in their 40s, which was why the alleged offending had not come to light sooner.

“I think they were embarrassed. I think there’s a lot of dynamics that exist here for victims of a sex crime and also to add to that, him being a police officer,” she said.

“I want to stress and assure any women out there who are grappling with that decision, any information they supply to police, it is their decision if they want to go to court.”

On Friday, WA Police spokeswoman Susan Usher said the investigation into Mr Moore was still ongoing, and they believed some victims were still yet to come forward.

“Women who have concerns they have been a victim of an assault but who do not wish to speak to police can seek support from the Sexual Assault Resource Centre (SARC) on 6458 1828,” she said.

Sex Assault Squad detectives are urging anyone with information to contact police via Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or make a report online.

Callers may remain anonymous if they wish.

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