Morgan terry: “Morgan terry”



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Seeking:Long-term dating

Location:Swinton-South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Age:35 to 39

Status:Prefer Not to Say

Ethnicity:Prefer not to say



Appearance:Prefer not to say

Height:Prefer not to say

Hair:Prefer Not to Say

Tattoos:Prefer not to say

Have Children:Prefer not to say

Tobacco Usage:Prefer not to say

Drugs Usage:Prefer not to say

Education:Prefer not to say

Astrological Sign:Prefer not to say

Body Shape:Prefer not to say

Weight:Prefer not to say

Eyes:Prefer Not to Say

Piercings:Prefer not to say

Want Children:Prefer not to say

Alcohol Usage:Prefer not to say


Religion:Prefer not to say



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Biography:Im a very loyal, positive, loving and a caring person. I believe in love and marriage. I love my life and the people in it but still I’m missing that special person. Also Im a very affectionate person and would love to find someone equally affectionate. I love to make people laugh because its the best medicine ever.

I want to find a man for real relationship in which we should enjoy each other and support during all our life. The main things in relation for me it`s respect and trust!