Mortified Woman Rushed To Hospital With Sex Toy Stuck Up Bum | #tinder | #pof

A mortified security officer had to rush to hospital so doctors could remove a sex toy lodged inside her. Now she is urging couples to seek medical attention if things go wrong in the bedroom.

Samantha Palenske, 21, spent three hours in hospital after a stainless steel butt plug, approximately three inches in length, vanished up her bum during an encounter with a Tinder date.

After realising what had happened, flustered Samantha ordered her date to drop her off at a near-by hospital.

Samantha proudly posing with a print out of her x-ray… Credit: Kennedy News and Media

Once red-faced Samantha arrived at hospital, a ‘handsome as hell’ doctor went to find the offending item. We don’t need to go into details.

Three hours later, Samantha ‘waddled’ home with a keepsake copy of her x-ray and the toy – just like you might do when you have a tooth removed…

Samantha is now speaking out about her eye-watering emergency, which happened two years ago, to give people a laugh during lockdown, but also to encourage others to seek medical attention if they find themselves in a similar predicament.

Samantha posted about her encounter to Facebook. Credit: Kennedy News and Media

Samantha, from Longview, Washington, US, said: “I’d used the butt plug alone before, but never with someone else.

“My Tinder date ‘Beardy’ was all for me using it on our third date. I was super excited. I put it in and it was fine up until he started messing with it.”

Some time later, Samantha says that the fella had a look on his face that said ‘oh no’ which no one wants in the throes of passion.

Samantha went on: “I asked him what’s wrong and he said ‘it’s gone’.”

Samantha Palenske. Credit: Kennedy News and Media

After Googling her options, Samantha decided to go to the ER immediately and was dropped off by her date at 3am.

There she was assessed by five medical professionals and had an x-ray before the item was removed.

Samantha, who is now engaged to 29-year-old graphic design student Shaun Cubie, shared her experience from January 2018 to combat quarantine boredom and encourage anyone in a similar position to seek medical help.

Her hilarious Facebook post about the incident when she was 19 has gone viral racking up more than 99,000 likes, shares and comments.

The lengthy post, describes the moment the sex toy was extracted and luckily (for Samantha) the hospital staff were supportive and non-judgemental.

Samantha said: “The doctors and nurses were amazing, they didn’t judge me at all, they were joking around with me and that made me feel better.

Samantha with her little friend. Credit: Kennedy News and Media

Samantha said the experience was ‘off-putting’, but added that she would advise anyone to ignore any feelings of embarrassment and get things checked out.

Samantha said: “You’re going to feel like you’re the only one this has happened to but it definitely isn’t.

“There are plenty of other people who have gone through the same experience, it just doesn’t get talked about. They’re not going to judge you.

“Don’t be embarrassed, they deal with this kind of stuff regularly – just go to the ER and get help. I decided to share it out of pure quarantine boredom, it’s given people a good laugh during lockdown.

“You’ll have party stories for the rest of your life – you’re always going to be the funniest person in the room hands down.” Every cloud, eh?

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