Mother says teen son accused in Hough ‘sextortion’ case


Criminal warrants have been signed in connection with a “sextortion” case at Hough High School, Channel 9 sources said.

While he has not been officially charged, his mother spoke exclusively with Channel 9 about the allegations.

The woman told reporter Ken Lemon that she has two messages: She wants her son to know that what he did was wrong, but also said the process isn’t fair.

She said many other students should be charged, including the girls who are listed as victims.

She said her son confessed to sending three or four female students at Hough High School nude pictures of themselves and telling them to send more or the pictures he had would go public.

“He did confess. He didn’t lie. He told them everything they wanted to know,” the mother said.

She said her son stopped making demands before police ever got involved. His actions weighed heavily on his conscience, he said.

“He is really sorry and he regrets what he did,” the mother told Channel 9.

She said she made sure he knew that he was wrong.

“You should not have done this. These areYOUNG WOMEN,” she said she told her son.

She said she cooperated with police. She wanted them to know that her son got the pictures from other male students, who shared the images with other students and had their own extortion scheme, but school officials and police wereINTERESTED ONLY in her son.

“Police and Hough High are railroading my son,” the mother said.

She claims that it happened only because the female students shared nude pictures of themselves which is also a crime.

“You can’t label yourself as a victim when you started it,” she said.

She said her son’s friends taught him how to conceal the pictures on his tablet and iPhone.

According to the mother, CMS police seized the devices from her home without her permission and without a warrant.

“Because all of this evidence was obtained illegally, this case will be dismissed,” she said.

That mother said she has an app that notifies her any time her son uses any mobile device.

He was expelled from school last month, so she sent him to Michigan to be home-schooled with family.

Police are working to have authorities there arrest him on extortion charges and send him back to North Carolina.



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