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NEW YORK, June 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Finding true love and a life partner who can understand you from within is a challenging task in today’s day and age. However, with the right guidance, everyone can find lasting true love. Motivated to Marry Coaching is one such dating and relationship coaching service that offers personal life and relationship coaching for seriously searching singles. 

Founder of Motivated to Marry Coaching, Amy Schoen, is a Certified Professional Life Coach and nationally recognized Dating and Relationship Expert. For over 16 years, Coach Amy has helped several clients who are doubtful and feel love has passed by them finally connect with the love of their lives. Motivated to Marry Coaching helps people feel more confident and hopeful that love is in the cards for them.

Taking into account her clients’ goals, values, and personality, Amy Schoen creates a personalized dating plan that helps people attract the right person. Over 80% of her successfully coupled clients have met through an online dating site after applying the Motivated to Marry methodology. Over the course of her career, she has helped hundreds of marriage-minded individuals to find their lifelong mates and early-stage couples to create relationships that are fulfilling and satisfying, leading to greater commitment and marriage. 

Being a Certified Professional Life Coach, Coach Amy utilizes both her whole life coaching training and her incredible life experiences to serve her clients. Taking a holistic approach to dating and relationships, Coach Amy is there to hold her clients’ hands and support them through the ups and downs that dating can present. 

How Does Coach Amy Help Her Clients’?

Coach Amy helps her clients’ take charge of their dating life and connect with people who share their values and vision, thus, helping them meet the right person who they truly desire. Motivated to Marry Coaching’s target-oriented, effective dating plans help people find true and lasting love and live the life they have envisioned with their special person. Coach Amy is gifted in clarifying her clients’ critical relationship values and what is truly important in their life so that they can fully connect with their true love partner whether they are single or already coupled. Motivated to Marry Coaching’s Dating & Relationship Services can help people – 

  • Increase the opportunity for a love connection with the “right one” based upon shared key relationship values to find lasting true love.
  • Create a targeted, effective dating plan that helps in finding true and lasting love. 
  • Reviews and edits a client’s online profile so they will attract the right one.
  • Helps people become more self-assured and see themselves as worthy of love.
  • Save precious time by learning how to evaluate a potential partner quickly and accurately. 
  • Coach Amy helps her clients’ understand the various wonderful attributes they do offer to a loving relationship so they won’t lose hope while looking for that special person. 
  • Provides a community of men and women for personal growth and support who are on the same journey. 


Coach Amy Schoen has the gift of visualization. As a life coach, she has transferred that gift to help her clients visualize and then verbalize the kind of life they truly desire. Motivated to Marry Coaching offers inspiring and creating solutions to help ignite the spark in their clients’ love and dating life. Coach Amy helps her clients improve all aspects of their lives and helps them open up to recognizing the perfect life partner of their dreams. 

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