Ms May Claire Luyun Age 43 Toronto Filipina Romance Scammer Romance Scams Taking Over The Internet


Ms May Claire Luyun Age 43 Toronto Filipina Romance Scammer Romance scams taking over the Internet Africa Television Network

Romance scammers have taking over the internet perpetrating all kinds of nefarious love-ventures by swindling gullible lovers, would-be-lovers, emotional enthusiasts and love-relationship seekers their hard earned money.
Love for money or money for love and friendship, the bad stories seem unending as criminals have cashed in the power of love to manipulate their victims to earn a living or furnish their illicit lifestyle through internet contact.

Love, they say is every human’s weakness, and it is a delicate feeling not to part with when you think you have found the person or the special one. It is simply beyond anyone’s power to simple tell who truly and really means true love and if what they profess is real.
‘I love you’ is no doubt a magical phrase with high potency of rendering anyone helpless, that is, the person that feels the genuine love. Never-do-wells and criminals have invaded the internet stirring contempt and misrepresentation of what they have never felt before or don’t feel at all, but with the singular objectives…, smiling to the banks.

The love relationship gone sour in the market is taking its toll on unsuspecting victims and love-seekers all over the world and the unscrupulous love-traders are predominantly from Asia and Africa.
According to Wayne Cook who dropped the story on Television Africa
Holly Moore, CBC News published this story about how May Claire Luyun along with her sister Gayle Zannett Luyun scammed me in a Romance Scam Canada Border Services CBSA File # B1086967 Valentine’s Day on February 14, 2016
“An Ontario man, whom CBC News is not identifying because his case is currently being investigated, said a woman from the Philippines he met online on Valentine’s Day scammed him out of thousands of dollars over the course of their relationship.
According to his complaint to police, he struck up an online relationship with the woman on Valentine’s Day three years ago through a social media site.
The man said he met her in person in Canada five months later. After dating for about 10 months, he asked her to marry him, he said.
“Jimmy Roberto” contact of the Luyun sisters is also connected to the Yahoo-Yahoo boys, Nigerian internet scammers
He said a month later, she asked for $1,700 for a plane ticket to the Philippines because her mother was sick. He agreed to give her the money, which she demanded in cash. Two months later, she asked for $200 per month for her mother, which he said he reluctantly paid. He also paid another $1,700 for plane tickets and winter boots. In early 2015, he said, she also asked for $500 per month for daycare fees for her daughter in the Philippines and $10,000 for breast implants, which he refused.

Right before they broke up last January, the man said, she demanded that he pay her $200 for every time they had sex and provide her with a ($300 per month) personal allowance. At that point, he said, he stopped seeing her and asked her to return the engagement ring he bought her, which she did.

“On a personal level, it’s devastating,” he said. “It will take me years to recover.”

The man said he posted his story on a number of social media forums to warn others about romance scams.

“Police and the courts are pretty useless with dealing with these, which means victims generally are left to fend for themselves,” he said. “It’s obviously a fraud to all of us; police say that it is a civil matter.”
He took the woman to small claims court in Ontario where he recovered some of his money, about $3,000.

Edmundson said in-person scams can also can be even trickier to uncover than online scams.

“To not only get taken financially, now you also have your heart broken,” she said.
“People don’t want to believe that the person they love is betraying them.”
The story of Mayclaire Luyun and how Canada Immigration and Canada Border Services Agency did nothing to protect me from her and her sister Gayle Zannett-Luyun, in the Philippines.
Alert Be Warned “Jimmy Roberto” who has many aliases and fake profiles is an infamous romance scammer from Nigeria, in a network of scammers from Ghana, Africa, Russia, Eastern Europe and the Philippines. Mayclaire Luyun and her sister Gayle Zannett Luyun are both contacts of “Jimmy Roberto” on Google+ He is sometimes a US Army General, other times he is an Engineer in Canada and Scotland, UK. Recently, he is now a medical doctor. Report romance scammers to the FBI in the US and to your local police. Never send any money to anyone you meet online.’



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