Mumbai : Majnu ki pitai on Kurla Station


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25 thoughts on “Mumbai : Majnu ki pitai on Kurla Station

  1. jackhasanewass

    what is wrong with men these days why are they accepting the beating just
    stab the bitches even better just burn them alive. where does the question
    of proving the manhood arise when you are getting beaten up. accepting a
    beating be it from a man or woman is unacceptable. men start protecting
    yourself. ?

  2. XHumans2k2

    These women are bitches they want money for big dick?

  3. Vijay Kumar

    Nobody knows what that guy did. But there is ample evidence of those 2
    females beating that guy in public purposely and repeatedly. The women can
    be put in jail.?

  4. dj jani

    jab apne yaro se lun leti ha us waqt tum ko yad nahi hota ?

  5. sam bhattacharjee

    sale gandu mar gand me dono ko do lath?

  6. anthony thomas

    chakke thumko hath nahi he kya?

  7. Cesar Galvez

    Is she pissed that he dropped the durka durk?

  8. Oscar James

    That is so uncivilized & cruel, the best word to describe is “Jungli”. Do
    they not have cops in India to settle the matter in a lawful & a civilized

  9. Amar1638

    ay kuri a brusli di bachi pan di lan ?

  10. jpcoversDT L

    ahhhhhhhh ahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

  11. wally walker

    if hes done something wrong then they should get a police officer, not take
    matters into their own hands, if 2 bitches are hitting me like that ima
    knock them the f*ck out!

  12. majorsingh198

    Aisa kam karna se phele bhaagna seekho….. saala kuri sherda ya

  13. Vishal ss

    those both the girls are a bitch i feel.. If he has done wrong and if they
    hve caught him cud produce to police.. Hitting like dis wid slippers by
    girls proves they are a bitch already

  14. Gigal Singh

    He is not a victim. He sexually harass one of the girl. So they are beating
    the shit out of him. Lol

  15. Paris Charly

    Can someone please translate it for me what is happening…

  16. Manish Kumar

    madan gadi aaa rehi side pay karo?

  17. Sutharsan Jeganathan

    Why? In India most of the MEN DOESN”T HAVE DIGNITY??

  18. Anjurajesh Rajesh

    maaarne waaali dono mumbai rundyyy s haii?

  19. amit kumar

    Maa Chudane GAYA Tha Station Pe Sale Landar?

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