Murfreesboro woman says possible #dog #scam cost her hundreds


MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – A possible dog scam cost a woman hundreds of dollars.

She told News 2 she paid for a puppy and never got it.

Sabreena Jellison has a love for dogs, so, she looked online to find a companion for her French bulldog, Olive.

She found a cute little Shih Tzu name Zoey on the website

“I am really familiar with breeders’ websites, and I found one that was completely legit looking,” Jellison said.

She said she fell in love with Zoey.

“It was a little white Shih Tzu with brown ears, which I never seen a Shih Tzu like that before. That’s why I was more excited,” Jellison said.

Zoey was a steal, just $450.

“Four hundred and fifty dollars, I think was a little low for a Shih Tzu, but they actually emailed me and said and was going on about they know how people can’t have money and time and they wanted to know that I had the time for the dog and that’s why charged so low,” she said.

She said she paid with a MoneyGram and was told someone would contact her about shipping.

She spoke with a man with a thick foreign accent who claimed she needed to pay $660 for shipping since the kennel the dog came in wasn’t suitable for flying.

She said that’s when several red flags went up.

“He was really persistent saying that we needed it, or I would get the dog and kept going and keep going and that’s not how anyone should talk,” Jellison said.

A check of the internet, News 2 discovered the company is listed on several Pet Scams websites.

“It has the cutest pictures and pets, but they are all scams,” according to  “This is not a review, it is a warning. The website claims to sell pets, but in fact, they charge you for a pet that they never deliver.

They also claim the delivery company is fraudulent set up to steal your money and never deliver the pet.

Jellison has a warning for others who may be considering buying from this company.

“Don’t do that company. I found out there have been a few people that have been scammed by them after I tried to get a hold of them,” Jellison said.

Jellison said she doesn’t expect to get her money back, but she kept all her emails from the company and filed an incident report with Murfreesboro police.

News 2 reached out to the company by telephone and a recording stated, “We are unable to complete your call at this time, please try your call later.”

News 2 also emailed the company for a response.

Someone with the company sent the following statement to News 2, “Yes, she bought a puppy from me and the puppy is still at the delivery agency pending shipping and they said an electronic crate must be gotten. So how is it my fault? If they dare call me a scam again, I will sue them to court for deformation [sic] of character and false accusation.”