My Ex Boyfriend Dumped Me For Another Girl… What Can I Do?


So your ex boyfriend dumped you to be with another girl….

I have one word for you.


I am pretty sure you feel betrayed… angry… upset… and driven by revenge but more on that in a second. For now I just want to inform you that you came to the right place. Here at Ex Boyfriend Recovery I specialize in helping women succeed in getting their boyfriends back in all kinds of crazy situations.

Hell, just the other day I received an email from a woman who had found herself in one of the worst situations I had ever seen (and I have been doing this for quite some time.)

Apparently she had cheated on her Fiancé and when he found out he obviously broke up with her.

Wait, is it Fiancé or Fiancée?

I always thought Fiancée had a nice ring to it so lets stick with that.

Anyways, I digress….

After cheating she ended up finding my site (Ex Boyfriend Recovery) and after implementing a few of my strategies she got her ex Fiancée to propose to her again…


Talk about spoiled…

She cheats on him and gets TWO PROPOSALS!

Of course, I guess you could say that I was her “secret weapon” for getting that second proposal!


But enough about how awesome I am ? .

Let me get to the point.

Why did I tell you that story about the woman who cheated on her Fiancée?

Do you care to take a guess?


Yes YOU reading on the phone/computer!


Sigh…. Ok, I will tell you but I am disappointed that you couldn’t even take a simple guess.

I told you that story to prove to you that I know what I am talking about. In other words, I WANT YOU TO LISTEN TO ME!

But I also wanted to show you how someone who is in an extreme situation (like the one you are in) can succeed even when the odds heavily favor failure.

In other words, if a woman who cheated on her ex boyfriend can get him back and make him propose to her then you can definitely get your ex boyfriend back if he dumped you to be with another girl.

Now, rather than bore you to death with setup lets just jump right to it.

What Do You Hope To Accomplish?

Lets take a minute to step back and look at the situation you are in.

You and your ex boyfriend were once in a relationship… a happy one,

Screen shot 2012-07-16 at 6.48.46 PM

And then along comes this “other girl” who catches his attention while he was dating you,

Screen shot 2012-07-16 at 6.48.46 PM

All of a sudden his interest in you starts to waver and he becomes fascinated with this new girl. His fascination grows so much, in fact, that he breaks up with you to be with her,

Screen shot 2012-07-16 at 6.48.46 PM

This is your situation in a nutshell right?

Well, I have a question for you.

What do you hope to accomplish?

If you had some sort of superpower where all you had to do was think a thought and then magically that thought materializes and becomes real what would happen in the future?

Would you just like to move on and get rid of this pain you are feeling?

Would you like to get revenge on your ex boyfriend for betraying you?

Would you like to get him back?

Be as specific as possible for me because too often women come to this website and really have no idea what they want to accomplish.

Once you have your goal in your mind write it down somewhere.

I suppose it makes sense if I join in on the fun too, huh?

Ok, below I have posted a screenshot of what I hope to accomplish with this page,


My handwriting is pretty kiddish so don’t go judging me :p .

Anyways, I want to make this page the best in the world when it comes to helping women in your exact situation.

Now, I do feel obligated to mention that this page will have a primary focus.

What do I mean by that?

Well, above I mentioned three things that you could potentially be hoping to accomplish.

  1. Getting rid of the pain you are feeling by moving on
  2. Getting revenge on your ex boyfriend
  3. Getting your ex boyfriend back

What I mean when I say that this page will have a primary focus is the fact that it’s going to focus more on option three (which I have highlighted in bold.)

Why not options one or two?

Well, I have already wrote a huge page on getting over an ex boyfriend here so I feel that I have already covered that.

As for the revenge…

This isn’t Kill Bill.

kill bill

Where I am just going to send you on your merry way to get revenge. I don’t subscribe to that type of thinking. I am of the mind that if you want to get revenge on someone you should do it by living well.

Frank Sinatra said it best,

The Best Revenge In Life Is Massive Success

Anyways, this entire article is going to be meant to be used as a resource that you can constantly refer to, to help get your ex boyfriend back if he dumped you for another girl.

Speaking of him dumping you for another girl.


Why did he do that?

Why Your Ex Boyfriend Dumped You For Another Girl

I hate to paint myself in a corner by saying statements like this but what I am about to say is 100% the truth so listen up.

The reason your ex boyfriend dumped you in favor of another girl is because he found her more attractive than you…

what did you say

You heard me.

Now, what do you think I mean by attractive?

Is it based purely on looks?

Nope… this is something much deeper.

But for me to properly explain this to you I have to teach you about something I like to call…..



What Is The Attraction Scale And How Does It Apply?

I think this will work better with an example so lets pretend that you are dating my clone….

Lets call him “Bad Chris.”


Anyways, at the beginning of your relationship with “Bad Chris” everything appears to be going well and then all of a sudden another girl catches his eye.

(Lets pause here and take a look at the attraction scale)

Oh wait… I haven’t even told you what the attraction scale is yet have I?

Ok, brief definition below,

The Attraction Scale: The Attraction Scale rates every aspect of what a man finds attractive in a woman (looks, personality, quirks, etc) with a 1 – 10 grade. With 1 being the lowest attraction and 10 being the highest level of attraction. Every woman gets a rating on the attraction scale and that rating is never set in stone. For example, at the beginning of the relationship with your ex boyfriend you may have been graded as an eight but at the end of the relationship you may be a 3. The rating on the scale moves in accordance with his current level of attraction for you.

Anyways, going back to the example above with “Bad Chris.”

What happened when his eye was caught by another girl?

Well, in the moment where his eye was caught it means that his uninformed rating of the other girl on his own internal attraction scale dwarfed yours.

Hmm… I am a visual learner so I will make a fun little graphic depicting this,

attraction scale

So, to put things simply.

Your ex boyfriend most likely dumped you because he thinks he found something better than you out there.

Now, the question in your mind right now is probably,

“Ok, I get all of this but what can I do? Is there any hope at all?”

I just grinned because of course there is.


Because of the other concept of the attraction scale that I haven’t really gone into yet.

It’s important to remember that no attraction rating any woman gets from a man stays the same.

Why is this important to understand?

Well, right now you are looking at it from a losers perspective. You lost your man because your attraction rating got low enough to where he was going to look elsewhere for something better (which he found.) But what if she falls victim to the same trap you did?

What if her attraction level drops to the point where your did some time in the future?

And what if during the time that her attraction level drops yours rises?

Well, then you have a fighting chance to get him back.

And that’s essentially our whole strategy in a nutshell.

run that by me again

Sigh… Fine.

You are going to do subtle things to help the process of her attraction level dropping while at the same time improving yours.

Get it?


But first…

For This To Work Patience Is Going To Be Required


This may not be what you want to hear but if you are looking for the fastest possible way to get your ex boyfriend back then you came to the right place.

I subscribe to the theory that if you put a relationship back together super fast without going through all the proper steps then it will inevitably fail again.

Why do you think there are so many on again/off again relationships?

So, while the method I propose here may seem very long it is put together with the idea of a long future with you and your ex boyfriend.

But I need one thing for you to make that happen.

Care to take a guess at what that one thing is?

Yup, you guessed it!


If you are patient and trust in this process then amazing things can happen for you.

But if you aren’t…

Well, I am not going to say 100% you are going to fail but you 100% will be decreasing your overall chances of success.

Why did I put a whole section together on patience?

There are going to be moments if you try this strategy where you roll your eyes at how long this is taking or how you don’t think it’s going to work but you need to push through this. You need to take those thoughts and not succumb to them.

Think of it like this.

A lioness doesn’t stalk her prey by chasing it the moment she sees it. No, she waits… and waits… and waits… until finally she sees her opportunity. When the prey has wandered off from the herd when it’s vulnerable.

That’s when she strikes!

Don’t be an impatient lioness.

Do this correctly and be patient.

Wait until the moment is perfect and you will be rewarded… trust me!

The Yin/Yang Of Our Strategy

Above I proposed a strategy if your ex boyfriend dumped you for another girl.

Do you remember what that strategy was?

Well, it’s based on the entire idea of the attraction scale and decreasing your ex boyfriends attraction in his new girlfriend while at the same time increasing his attraction for you.

These two aspects form an interesting yin and yang relationship because they both have to work for you to be successful in winning your ex back.


So, how do we implement this strategy?

Good question.

Below I have divided the rest of this entire article up into two sections,

  1. How To Raise His Attractiveness Towards You
  2. How To Lower His Attractiveness In The New Girl

Now, I figured it would be smart to start with the part of the strategy that you have the most control over.




What do you think I mean by,

“The part of the strategy that you have the most control over?”

Well, we are dealing with an ex here and in order for him to take you back HE ultimately has to come to that conclusion on his own (with a little help from you of course.) So, technically in both parts of the strategy you don’t have full control over what happens.

But what you do have are different degrees of control.

For example, raising his attractiveness towards you (what I am about to talk about) is definitely the part of this whole strategy that you have the most control over because a lot of it involves you improving yourself to become a more attractive deal for him.

On the other hand, lowering his attractiveness towards the new girl is tricky because a lot of that part of the strategy involves HIM thinking,

“This girl I am with isn’t what I thought.”

Now, with that being said there are tricky things you can do to speed the process up without overstepping your boundaries but more on that later.

For now lets just dive right in and talk about the first part of the strategy.

STRATEGY PORTION ONE: How To Raise His Attractiveness Towards You


I am about to let you in on a secret…

A secret that 99% of men out there don’t want you to know.

For the record… I am in that 1% that WANTS you to know.

So, what’s the big secret?


How can I put this?

Imagine if I told you everything that a man looks for in a woman?

Imagine if you could take what I say to prepare yourself to become the ultimate woman…

Well, that’s the secret?

Below I am going to list qualities and rank them on a point system.

(Ok, I will slow down for you since things are about to become REALLY complicated.)

Lets take our lesson from the attraction scale above.

If you remember correctly the attraction scale was a scale based on a 1 – 10 point system.

(1 being the lowest you can score…. a girl who is a 1 is not going to be attractive to any man)

(And 10 being the highest you can score… a girl who is a 10 will be attractive to most men walking this earth.)

But what makes up the score?

What are the “intangibles” so to speak?

Well, what I want to do is go down the list of what men find attractive and assign a point value next to the quality I talk about.

Now, here is the thing about the point value. All in all the point values across the board won’t exceed 10. In fact, all of them will equal 10.

Still confused?

Ok, and I want to make it clear that this is for example purposes only.

Lets pretend that the following qualities are what men find attractive in women,

  • Being a clown… (4 points)
  • Having a good smile… (1 point)
  • Having a nice sounding voice (5 points)

Do you see how those three qualities equal ten?

4 + 1 + 5 = 10

We are going to be doing that for real with REAL attraction qualities. In other words, I am creating a point system within a point system.

Can anyone say inception?

dream meme

Alright, lets hop to it!

The first attraction quality is….

(Drumroll please…)

Looks (5 points) – (3 Points After A While)

looks matter

I started off with a big one.

A 5 pointer.

Have you ever heard that phrase,

Never judge a book by it’s cover?

The premise of this phrase revolves around not judging someone or something by it’s looks but by what it is like internally and while the thought is nice I am afraid that it doesn’t apply to the way men are attracted to women.

Now, I realize that this is a very crude example but it’s the best one I can think of.

Imagine a man who is going to a strip club to get a lap dance.

Do you honestly think that man is drawn to a stripper because of her personality?


He is drawn to her because of her looks and that’s it.

The same principle applies to when a man meets a woman for the first time. I GUARANTEE YOU… the first thing he thinks isn’t going to be,

“I hope she has a good personality..”

Nope the first thing he is probably going to think is either,

“Shes hot…” or “She’s not hot…”

Now, maybe after that he will wonder about her personality but right off the bat looks make a definite impression which is why I get so angry when I see these “so called” experts out there telling women not to worry about how they look.

Are you CRAZY?

Looks definitely do matter.

And they should be given attention.

Maybe this is a better way to put it,

Do you really think when your ex boyfriend is alone and he starts daydreaming about his “perfect woman” he is going to sit there and say, “I hope she is mediocre looking?”

Absolutely not!

So, lets get a little more serious about your situation now.

What are some of the things you can do to make a huge difference in how your ex boyfriend views you looks wise?

How You Can Improve Your Own Looks

Technically speaking you can’t improve the way you look genetically.

Well, unless you get plastic surgery or something but oftentimes that makes you look worse.

(Please do not think I am telling you that you need plastic surgery… you definitely don’t.)

Just because you can’t change your genetics doesn’t mean you can’t improve yourself physically. After all, a man judges your looks based on a number of factors. Now, I don’t want to get too excessive with this section so I am just going to focus on the areas of improvement that will make him go,

“WOW, why did I break up with her?”

And here are the areas,

improving looks

Notice anything specific about the areas I have chosen?

How about the fact that you have 100% control over them. In other words, whether you look better, worse or stay the same is completely up to you.

Oh, I suppose I should list the areas below in case you are picture impaired,

  1. Hair
  2. Clothing
  3. Body

Now comes the inevitable question.

How do you go about improving these area of your looks?

Well, I answer those questions in Ex Boyfriend Recovery PRO in full but here is a quick crash course.


Oh, and I suppose now is the perfect time to mention that my wife is going to be doing something super special for you in the future. You see, recently I started a YouTube channel all about teaching people what to do during a breakup.

And one of the topics that my wife wanted to cover was how women should look.

In other words, she is going to be putting together a video on makeup, hair, clothes and all of the things that I wouldn’t know.

Why should you listen to her?

Well, she used to be a professional model…

Ya, she kinda knows what she is talking about.

So, make sure you stay tuned for when those videos become live.

But before I move on to the next aspect I want to discuss one little thing.

I like to call it the “flip”

The Flip

If you notice below the looks section there is a “personality” section.

The personality section is worth 3 points at first and then after a while it turns into 5 points.

In other words, personalities point spread is eerily similar to looks’.

Why is that?

Well, it’s because looks aren’t the be all end all.

At first… they kind of are. However, after some time the point spread flips with personality (below.)

Let me give you an example.

Lets say that you were dating your ex boyfriend for a total of 5 months.

For the first two months of your relationship your looks accounted for 5 points and your personality accounted for 3 points. However, the last three months… your personality was worth 5 points and your looks 3.

Do you see how looks and personality flips?

It’s like my friend Wes always used to say,

Looks get you in the door but personality is what keeps you in the room.

Personality (3 Points) – (5 Points After A While)


This is another biggie!

No matter how you cut it 3 points or 5 points those are a lot of points out of 10.

What does this mean?

Well, it means that you should spend just as much time on your personality as you do on your looks :) .

Now, I stumbled across an amazing tool today that I just had to share with you.

It’s a personality test.


Maybe that doesn’t quite sum up exactly how great it is. Ok, here is a better way of putting it.

It is THE personality test.

Of course, I am not into recommending things without trying it out first so I did.

I took the 70 question test here and answered every question to the best of my ability.

Guess what personality temperament I am?

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 11.52.56 AM

What is an idealist?

Well apparently I have the following characteristics,

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 11.57.53 AM

Sound like anyone you know ? .

So, how can you put this personality test to use for your own goals?

Well, there are two ways.

The first way is by becoming the best personality type you possibly can.

Think of it like this.

I am an idealist and according to the definition above I am a lot of things.

  • Enthusiastic
  • Seeking my true self
  • Dream of attaining wisdom
  • Loving
  • Kindhearted
  • Authentic
  • Giving
  • Trusting
  • Spiritual
  • Nurturing
  • Inspirational

But am I absolutely all of those things?

Nope, I can tell you right now that I am not always enthusiastic… I am definitely not the most giving person (Hey… everyone is allowed to be a little selfish… oops… there I go again.)

Oh, and I am definitely not trusting.

It’s hard to win my trust because I see a lot of failed relationships on a daily basis so I will probably always have one eye open preparing for the worst case scenario.

Spiritual… Hahaha nope.

Nurturing… My wife (YES) Me… (Not so much…)

But if I really wanted to I could spend a lot of time working on those aspects of my personality to become the ultimate idealist! And it would definitely shine through.

So, that’s the first way to put this personality test to use for your own goals.

But what’s the second way?

By reverse engineering the process and figuring out what personality type your ex is.

What do I mean by that?

I suppose I will give you a real life example using my beautiful wife. Now, she doesn’t know that I am about to take this test on her behalf (without her knowledge) but I feel that I know her well enough to take a crack at it so I think the results will be accurate.

So, when I took the test I actually got that she was a Guardian!

Hmm… that sounds about right.

Especially when you take into account that she is a first time mother who is very protective over her child.

So, what would I do if I wanted to appear more attractive to her?

Well, I would study what a Guardians personality is like and then display some of the qualities that they would like.

Easy peasy!

Actually it’s not but this section is already getting out of control so what do you say we move on to our next attractive quality.

Ungettableness (1 Point)


Your aware of my creation, The Ungettable Girl, right?

Well, if you aren’t then I suggest you take 30 minutes out of your day to read the article I just linked to above.

Of course, there are always those lazy people out there who will refuse to read so I guess I can give you a quick crash course.

Quick Crash Course: You should look at the ungettable girl as the ultimate girl men go after. She can have any man she wants and often makes men her b*tch (and that’s putting it nicely.) I guess the big takeaway here from the UG (Ungettable Girl) is that the idea of her is what every woman who is trying to win an ex back should strive to achieve.

But there is a quality that the ungettable girl has that I didn’t cover in that quick crash course purposefully.


Because I am going to cover it now silly :) .

You see, there are millions of UG’s walking around the world and each one is unique in what they can do to attract men.

HOWEVER, there is one simple quality that ALL UG’s have in common.

Care to take a guess at what that quality is?

Yep, you guessed it!


What is ungettableness?

It’s this feeling that men get that no matter how hard they try they can’t seem to lock down a girl in a relationship.

They pursue… she evades.

They pursue… she evades.

They pursue… she evades.

Now, why would a man continue to chase after a woman who constantly avoids him?

If you are an avid reader of this website then you have probably heard me say multiple times that men want what they can’t have but lets get more official here.

Lets get scientific!

Have you ever heard of dissonance theory before?

Well, dissonance theory puts forth that the more effort one expends to reach a goal, the more appreciative the person who pursued the goal will be once it is attained.

In other words, men will always chase after women of a higher value because they understand that women of “high value” aren’t easy to get.

Now, let me ask you.

When you think about this logically does a woman who begs and pleads to get her ex back find herself in a position of “high value?” Do you think she is ungettable?

No way!

In other words, I guess what I am saying is that the best way that you can achieve the ungettable effect is to put yourself in a position where your ex chases you.


:) Well… you are going to have to play a game of cat and mouse with your ex.

Take a look at the gif image below and tell me what you see,

cat and mouse game

Essentially the owner of the cat dangled something attractive in front of it and the cat responded by chasing after it.

Now, if the owner chose to he/she could continue this game for a long time without the cat ever stopping.

I want you to do something similar with your ex.

Dangle something attractive in front of him and then when you see him starting to chase you can pull away and then repeat the process over and over again.

What do you think UG do?

The Daydream Effect (1 Point)

So this rounds out our 1 – 10 point scale.

The Daydream Effect!

So, what the hell is this thing?


Kinda… but not really.

Look, this isn’t rocket science. Basically it’s your ability to make a man daydream about you.

Let me give you a few examples so I can really hammer this point home.

Lets imagine that a man is in the “talking phase” with a girl.

Talking Phase: Not dating yet BUT both parties are interested in potentially pursuing a relationship.

If that man is constantly dreaming about a happy future with long romantic walks on the beach… Well, then that would be the daydream effect in action.

Here is another example using yours truly.

When I was dating my wife (before she was my wife) I would constantly find myself daydreaming of what our future would be like.

I daydreamed of everything you could think of.

Now, what does this tell us?

Well, it tells us is that the daydream effect can happen before you date someone and while you are dating them.

Think of it like the cherry on top of the attraction cake!

STRATEGY PORTION TWO: How To Lower His Attraction For The New Girl

And now we get to the new girl…

The girl that your ex boyfriend is dating.


(Forgive me if that was rude but I am “pro you” and that makes the new girl my enemy!)

So, what are you capable of doing to lower your ex boyfriends attraction for this new girlfriend of his?

Well, to be honest with you there isn’t much you can directly do.

I mean, it would be kind of a b*tch move of you to try to steal your boyfriend back from a new girl. Instead, you should focus on indirectly affecting their relationship while not stepping over the line.

Wait… What Is This “Line?”

Imagine that you get your ex boyfriend back and you are over the moon about it.

Things are going great and then this girl shows up.

She hits on your boyfriend…

Tries to kiss him…

Tries to sleep with him…

Well, she has crossed the line.

The Line: This imaginary line that exists between trying to break a couple up and not.

In other words, if I told you that the best way to lower your ex boyfriends attraction for his new girlfriend is to try to kiss your boyfriend in front of her then I would be ordering you to cross the line,

stepping over line

Here at Ex Boyfriend Recovery we aren’t into cheating.

In other words, I don’t want you crossing the line no matter how much temptation there may be.

Got it?

Of course, I still haven’t told you what you can do to lower your ex boyfriends attraction towards his new girlfriend.

Well, we are going to use a combination of brevity and jealousy.

Now, I know what you are thinking,

“Brevity… what the hell is brevity?”

Have you ever heard that phrase,

There is brilliance in brevity?

The meaning of this phrase is simple.

Less is more..

That’s it.

In other words, in order to lower your ex boyfriends attraction you don’t have to implement a strategy that takes decades to complete. No, instead what you have to do is real simple.

All you have to do is be there and threaten the new girlfriend with your presence.

That’s it…

You don’t have to interact with her or get into a fight with her or anything crude like that.

All you have to do is be there and if I know women (and I do) she will feel so threatened that she will implode and take it out on your ex boyfriend who in turn will look at her in a more unattractive way.

It’s amazing what jealousy can do.

So, do you get our basic strategy?


Ok, allow me to create a graphic for you detailing it.


Now you may look at this graphic and ask yourself,

“Ok, I understand the premise BUT how do I make myself a threat to the new girlfriend by simply being present?”

Like I said, all you have to do is engage in a conversation (consistently) with your ex boyfriend. Once you do that then the jealousy appears and if you incite enough of it he will eventually lower her attraction level.

Ex Boyfriend Recovery Pro

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our Step-by-Step Guide to Getting
Your Ex Boyfriend Back

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6 thoughts on “My Ex Boyfriend Dumped Me For Another Girl… What Can I Do?

  1. Chris Seiter

    I told my wife you said that about her and she was very happy to hear that.

    Hopefully she will be putting it up soon.

    Sorry for not responding until now. I am actually in the process of hiring someone who can come on full time and do comments so everyone will get answered.

    First things first, what makes you so sure he has a new girlfriend? You have yet to verify it yet, right?

  2. Chris Seiter

    In other words, you want some closure.

    Hmm… Well, NC is perfect if you want an ex back AND if you want to recover him.

    Have you figured out what you want exactly?

  3. Konfused

    Wow another great article. When is your wife putting up the video? She is stunning.
    I must admit although I basically comment on every post..this is what I needed right now..I think my ex might have been looking for another girl.

    As previously mentioned, it’s been over a month since the breakup. I have completed 21 days NC as you suggested. Because it was a relatively short term relationship (less than 2 months) I feel time is of the essence. However as mentioned in a comment on your second most recent post..since NC i didn’t hear from him..this made me resentful and I signed him up for spam. Although a bid to get his attention regardless of whether good or not it didn’t I sent another email this time making it clear it was me and saying all I wanted to say no matter how abrupt. I deleted his number, we share no mutual friends so all I have is his email..the email didn’t get a response but I missed a call from private that night and it wasn’t anyone I knew, I checked.

    I have stopped the spam, and everything is quiet. I fear he may have gotten a new girlfriend but since he deleted his fb, we aren’t in contact and share no friends how will he know I am improving? How can I lower the new girls scale when I know nothing about his life now..if he misses me he certainly hasn’t said anything.

    He is a good looking guy, I have no doubt he could find a prettier girl…but he’s admitted in the past that looks aren’t everything. My looks got me in the door but my personality kept me in and he basically said this..

    To this day I am still confused about his shift in demeanour if I was so much better than other girls he dated (his words) then why the f**k hasn’t he come back?

  4. FeelingUsed

    Hi Chris,

    My ex boyfriend and I were having a long distance relationship (4 hr drive) for about 6 months. Every connection we had has been positive. We would see each other about every 2 to 3 weeks. We got along really well and had incredible chemistry. Could barely keep our hands off each other.

    In December, he started texting less, then after our last meeting, he didn’t even contact me to see if I got home safely after the long drive. He texted me once since then, saying that he had a lot to deal with. That was it. I sent about 3 texts since then, eventually asking for closure. He has not responded. My last text was a week ago and I’ve been in NC since then.
    Here’s the kicker… I heard that he got engaged to his ex over Christmas. He had told me before that there relationship was okay, but that she didn’t seem to like sex (about once every 6 months). They were together for 4 years before he met me.

    I guess I’m mainly looking for a last message from him, so I don’t feel so used.

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