My Tampa Dating Be Careful Of Online Dating Scams


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2 thoughts on “My Tampa Dating Be Careful Of Online Dating Scams

  1. exohdrecon

    Unfortunately this would be why websites with ID verify are the only ones you should waste time on…..anywhere on the internet. Not even saying to get involved seriously, but I mean just to? meet casually for the movies….if you meet someone IRL, & they aren’t willing to hang out they might be crazy..same thing applies 1000x for online…if He/She do not want to see a movie 2 weeks after meeting, they either don’t want a friend or they are 100% scammers or just deranged. Thats the litmus test.

  2. RevolversAd

    ALSO lets not forget every single person might be into online “dating” thing for another reason, AKA to extort money, status, tickets or any other # of things off someone else!

    so the only point to use online dating is if they do a ID CHECK, because 9 times out of 10 you cant fake those out..that would require stolen address/credit card so authorities will find him/her. why do most sites use no ID/mail check? because most dating sites=scams! sad isn’t it, 90% are only out to steal? your $…

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