My wife #confessed that she’s #cheating on me and doesn’t want to stop. What should I do?


Really?? You are seriously asking what you should do in this situation? Well I’m going to ignore my opinion about you asking for advice and assume you are genuinely needing advice:

she cheats on you one time, during a period of time when your relationship was at an all time low/disfunctional level and she admits to it without first being caught, tells you how sorry/terrible she feels about it. That she didn’t realize how much you meant to her until after she fucked up and strayed to another man’s bed….MAYBE you could work through it and fix the relationship….MAYBE. And that is only if both of you admit to yourselves a lot of hard truths, and really work at reciprocating love to each other.

shes cheated multiple times, rubs your face in it by not just admitting to her numerous affairs, but admitting it with zero remorse, even taunting you saying she isn’t going to stop? That is abuse. Emotional, psychological abuse! .wait…do you have tons of money and would she be pulling in minimum wage if she even works at all? Because she is either using you to coast through life and knows just how to manipulate you into paying for whatever she wants, giving nothing in return or in appreciation. she is a psychopath (or sociopath….which ever one has no ability to feel empathy. ). RUN!! DONT WALK away from her man!!

you mean less than nothing to her. She isn’t worth it. You are!