On myLovelyParent, Sons and Daughters Create the Dating Profile for Their Parent


The Short Version: myLovelyParent is a dating site with an original premise. Inspired by a son’s love for his mom, this site lets children be the one to sign up on behalf of their parents, creating the profile and recommending matches. Through the emotional support and technological backing of their own sons and daughters, members can feel welcome on a friendly and safe website made with their needs in mind.

From his own home in the UK, Matt Connolly appears on Skype to chat with us about his website, myLovelyParent. Because of the time difference, it’s nighttime for him. He’s already had an evening run and is about to cook dinner. A cat sits curled up beside him. Her name is Kitty, he tells us. “It’s not terribly original,” he chuckles, idly scratching her back.

Just looking at Matt, you can tell he’s the kind of guy a mom loves to brag about — to friends, neighbors, cashiers, and anyone else she comes in contact with. For good reason, too. On top of being studiously polite and uncommonly cheerful, he’s also an accomplished self-starter in the online dating industry.

He’s very grounded in our conversation, modestly explaining how he created a whole website because he wanted to help his mom’s love life.

Yeah, good luck one-upping that story on Mother’s Day.

Motivated by a suggestion from his mom, Matt built a dating site that would ease an older generation into online dating. On myLovelyParent, children create their parent’s profile and thus encourage their moms and dads to find love online.

Growing organically from zero, myLovelyParent now boasts over 10,000 members. The user base began in the UK, but is rapidly expanding throughout the US, Australia, Canada, Ireland, and South Africa. No matter how big it gets, though, its origins will always be a personal matter between two people.

“It’s just a really sweet story about me and my mum,” he says about how the site began.


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