N. Charleston #police say man #robbed after using #online dating #app


According to North Charleston Police, a man was robbed after inviting a woman he met on an online dating app, called Meetme.

According to the reports, the victim asked the woman and her friend back to his hotel room.

This was when there was a knock at the door.

Reports say, the victim opened the door to find a man with a knife demanding his $500, the victim said he was confused until his date and her friend got up and joined the man at the door.

The victim gave the three all the money he had, which came out to about $480.

The suspects took off in an Older Blue Dodge Ram, which was found in a Walmart Parking lot, with the suspects inside.

The victim positively identified three suspects, 44-year-old Jai Ferguson, 35-year-old Leonora Robinson, and 31-year-old Casey McAvoy.

Police say they found a white powdery substance on Ferguson, which tested positive for cocaine and $462 between the three suspects.

All three suspects are now being held in the Al Cannon Detention Center.