Nada Jelinic

Scammer’s Profile or Account Name:Nada Jelinic

Scammer’s Country: Kenya

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Purports to be Canadian citizen working for a fashion company on a contractual agreement with remunerations paid via direct deposit into RBC Bank that has restrictions applied due to account having been compromised therefore no access to her funds.

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Nada Jelinic

Nada Jelinic

I think this works now…No need of invitation request Richard…

Nada • Oct 23, 7:05 PM

Ok can you receive this?

Nada Jelinic

Yes Richard i did

Great! I prefer the privacy here.

Nada Jelinic

Exactly thats what i cherish too….I like to be private sharing lots about me

Sorry to have wasted your time getting this ti work.

You said you were never married. For someone as beautiful as you, and a model no less, you must have had many proposals.

Nada Jelinic

Its okay Richard, Thanks that you knew and know the worth of having someone’s time to be with you online

I have to added this to what i have said to you so far….I am very much new online dating stuff and surprisingly you are the very first person who texted me from that site

Everyone, the older you get, you want to make every moment count.

Nada Jelinic

Well Yes and Hell No, If i say Yes i know there are a lot of they out there wanting you for real but for different purpose…but when i say NO i am very skeptical to whom i chose to talk or have an affair with

I feel the need to ask do you believe in coincedence, destiny, or fate

Nada Jelinic

Yes i am getting older i am 39 yrs old so i am trying to build up a life again after 3 – 4 yrs ago i have been single

I strongly believe in that RIchard…

Coincedences is proof that God exists

Nada Jelinic

Yes and do you believe in God as well…for me i took my God as first in my life and everything i do

I’ve been living on my own for five years this month. I didn’t kinow what to expect on these sites. I live in a small village and strangely, I don’t know many people here. My family came first in everything.

Nada Jelinic

Okay but what about God being first in your life ?

everyone has to take family first in everything

I believe there is a force for good and a force for evil. God has given us free will not Satan. I chose God and he is challenging my faith and I will remain true to my faith because nothing good comes from following Satan.

Nada Jelinic

And please may i know how long you have been on that site

Yes good

On the site maybe a month. Don’t know exactly. Would need to check my visa bill.

Nada Jelinic

Okay bcos i was wondering if you have being there a month you should have met with many other ladies

Was there any serious time with them or you guys dont click as usual ? Mine was just 2 days ago and i met you and your just the first person to responded to my interest thou i saw you and one man but i clicked Interested in that man but clicked saved you as favorite to shows that i like what i saw more than the other man

You flatter me I am very particular. I have not dated anyone from that site or any other place for that matter. Do you understand the grieving process? I know you recently loss you Mother but what I’m getting at are the phases of grief.

Nada Jelinic

Towards your mother as well ???

I did not flattered you Richard i have to tell you what i did on that site sincerely , I am just being serious with my intentions if i am not i wouldnt be online with you till this time of the day at 3am

but i am glad you do appreciate it and thats why i am giving it up head to nurture this beautiful moment with you….

I’ve confused you a little. Flattery is a form of complementing. When you flatter someone you are telling them they are worthy of the compliment. When you suggested that I could have dated many ladies from that site, I’m saying in response to your flattery I am a one woman man, always have been always will be. Cheating is for the weaker flesh. Yes in the traditional sense people think of grieving strickly as it pertains to death, someone dyingsomeone

Nada Jelinic

Okay now i get to understand you so much better..I like the way you say things to me and this is getting me into liking our moment and you as a person as well….There is chemistry coming in between us