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Now, she’s back fronting Channel Seven’s Farmer Wants a Wife reboot and, like slipping on that comfy gumboot, Nat is relishing the familiar feeling of hosting the show.

“I have such fond memories of Farmer Wants a Wife,” she gushes. “I’m such a huge fan. I’ve loved being back and getting to know our farmers. It’s been fantastic.”

There’s no doubting Farmer’s incredible strike rate – the Australian version of the show has produced nine marriages and an astounding 20 babies. Why does Farmer leave other shows in its dust?

“The show works because it is genuine, the connections are real and there is a more authentic feel about it,” Nat insists. “The farmers and the ladies choose each other, so there is an initial attraction before they meet.

“They’re there for the right reason, and that’s to find that special someone.”

Channel Seven

Some of the farmers have tried dating and it just hasn’t worked. It’s hard to find a Tinder date when the girl next door can be 100km away.

You can feel the electricity in the air the moment Alex, Sam, Neil, Nick and Harry mosey into the room to face the ladies.

Nat says there’s a mixture of “nerves and excitement” and a little “shell shock” on the part of the farmers when they all meet for the first time. “It’s exciting to be there when they meet and you wonder if you’re going to get an invitation to a wedding at the end of the series,” Nat teases.

“The farmers are putting themselves on the line and it would be very daunting for them to step well out of their comfort zones.”

Channel Nine

Having said that, she admits, “I’m sure they love the attention of the ladies.” Especially farmer Alex who in the first episode admits that meeting the ladies vying for his affections was something akin to the joy of being a kid on Christmas morning. Hmmm …

“He’s the cheekiest of the farmers,” Nat says of Alex.

“He’s seen quite a bit of the world, but he always finds himself back on the farm and he’s never been in love. And the girls just love him.”


While there is a lot of fun on the show – especially as the ladies try to fit into farm life – there are also tears. Hearts are definitely broken along the way.

“There will be a lot of drama,” Nat says. “It’s not all smooth sailing. The emotions are running high, so it’s a bit of a roller-coaster for the ladies. But the farmers don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.”

Ultimately, is there heart-swelling, worlds-colliding love? “I don’t want to give anything away, but there is lots of romance,” Nat says. Who knows, maybe she’ll get a wedding invitation at the end.

Given the family feel of the show, it’s understandable Nat’s daughter Olivia might want to watch mum on TV.

“She’s seen a few of the ads,” Nat says. “She thinks they’re fun. But I don’t know if she’ll watch the show. It might be past her bedtime.” C’mon, mum…

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