Will He Miss NBA Games? Trial Date Set For Derrick Rose Rape Case As Accuser Demands $21M

After more than one month since the accusation, Derrick Rose’s rape accuser has resurfaced and this time, she is seeking a huge amount of payment for damages the Chicago Bulls star allegedly caused.

The woman, who is said to be the ex of the NBA superstar, claimed she wasgang-raped by Rose and his friends in her Los Angeles apartment in 2013.
“The accuser in the Derrick Rose rape lawsuit has finally named her price — $21.5 MILLION — this according to court docs obtained by TMZ Sports,” the gossip website wrote adding that the trial date for Derrick Rose rape case could start by 2017.

TMZ added the price tag comprises of $6 million in compensatory damages and $15.5 in punitive.

Derrick Rose rape accuser said back in September 29 that Rose and his friends broke into her home and take turns on her while she was incapacitated. The Chicago Bulls star denied the accusation saying the woman consented into sex with more than one person.

Rose has since then filed a counter lawsuit. TMZ’s scoop of his documentclaimed the woman even had a coffee with a roommate the morning after.

“Rose says things were so cool the following day — the accuser casually had a cup of coffee with her roommate in the morning after the sex … and headed into work for a full shift. The implication is that a rape victim would have been way too distraught to have done any of that,” TMZ wrote.

“In the docs, Rose says the woman only began to get upset with him a few weeks or months later because she felt she should have been reimbursed for one of the sex toys she bought and used during the night in question.”

The spitfire Chicago Bulls point guard also expressed confidence he will be cleared from the allegations.

“I feel like I’m on the right track as far as who I want to be at, in my life and the direction I want to go,” he said. “I just feel like when you’re that focused, people try to take you down. I’m very confident that I will be proven innocent.”

The trial is set to start in 2017 so it is hard to assume if Derrick Rose will miss some games of his team.

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