21 thoughts on “NCAA 13: IS MANTI TE’O GAY?

  1. ZeldaZGreatOne

    I’m a strong Christian, to all those people posting religious comments, you can do what you what but why do people that live great and respectful lives but are atheist go to hell, I mean there should be a decent place for them to go then HELL, I mean seriously hell sounds f’ed? up, so answer my question please.

  2. David Banner

    Sorry I can’t make out what you are trying to? say. Please correct your spelling.

  3. 21dthomason

    If they want to find out a few more answers how about they trace the phone calls and find out who? was playing the hoax on him. I mean if the whole thing was a a joke being played on him they should find out who it was…

    unless, he is just full of b.s. and he is one playing the hoax on everyone..i personally beleive he’s gay and thats fine, but he is pathetic for killing her off saying she had cancer…i mean if he cared about her that much wouldnt he go see her..????he’s gay, bottom line!

  4. Napoleon Almaraz

    who cares about this? story at all, none of it matters , none of know him, and who xares if he is gay, I’m mad ans nothing

  5. RZA36

    Fair enough…it’s when you post remarks like “do you think it is good to be gay”” you must? realize that you come across as judging and ridiculing a lifestyle that has been persecuted for actions that are no fault of their own. The tone of your comments come across as paternalistic and “holier than thou” which ruffles many peoples feathers. I understand that you want to spread the Gospel, but expect some push-back when you try to insinuate that a particular lifestyle is not to your liking.

  6. The904Caller

    Save it for the Church you have now idea what’s going to happen in your life just because you read a few verses from the bible does not give you the right to start assuming where people are going because of certain action because unlike animals, Human beings actions and reactions have complex and endless reasons, I would’nt be trusting the bible at face value if i? were you because this is how extremists are born this is how religious wars are born this is how immoral acts against people are made

  7. The904Caller

    in college football everybody cheats its a matter of who gets caught?

  8. RZA36

    So I’m accepting of all people regardless of sexual orientation, and I’m the one going to Hell? Dude, put down the bible and start exploring the world and all of the fantastic? people that inhabit the earth….you’ll be much happier and people won’t judge you as you judge them. PEACE

  9. RZA36

    So what does being gay have to do with all of your rhetoric? Are LGBT not going to “heaven” to meet their “Judge”? Why wouldn’t the “Judge” let them in if they are great people? Why? is there a “Judge” anyway? Stop trying to “judge” people and let people live. Come on man, you sound like a guy that has not left the middle ages, and its religious expeditionary warfare.

  10. easylee4uify

    No one cares about his orientation…it just seems more logical to me than a sympathy grab for heisman votes…?

  11. PlayAxtion

    I think? he just used that story to get more heisman votes IMHO

  12. maddenkilo

    neither good nor bad, lol…..i dont care what? people do with their genitals

  13. RZA36

    I think you and Manti have a lot in common…you both are easy? fooled by imaginary beings.

  14. Phillup DeGraves

    I see? you’re asking the same question I am ROFL

  15. maddenkilo

    I think that is a front story because he had all the sympathy he needed with his grandmother passing, he didnt need the girlfriend story for that. Also he at one point said in an interview that he had met her, his father also made statements that they had seen each other….then when the shit hit the fan he all of a sudden has never seen? her in person before. It screams cover up for being gay imo, not that being gay is a bad thing, but in football it can be a career killer

  16. ram29jackson

    none of it matters…if he can ball, he’ll still get drafted. The NfL is full of? character issues…it hasnt stopped them from fuctioning and continuing to draft emotionally challenged individuals…and if they didnt draft him for being gay, he could sue any way

  17. kimborampage

    how would making up a fake? girlfirend mean hes gay? u were right with your other video on im wanting to make a story to get sympathy and attention.

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