23 thoughts on “NCAA 13: MANTI TE’O EXPOSED!!!

  1. easylee4u

    I can’t believe we’re even talking about this non story..how quickly people forget real tragedies like Sandy and school shootings. it’s a front for him being? gay.

  2. LargerThanhLife

    I’ve actually had this happen to me on a number of occasions (more EA BS), but I don’t think that the other guy is doing it on purpose. Basically when the guy audibles his offense all of your defensive adjustments reset to? your original defensive playcall. For example, any spies or zones you may have called will disappear. I actually messaged the guy that was doing this to me and he said the same thing was happening to him when he was on defense, though I had no idea why happened.

  3. MrNosferatuA

    I just don’t know what to say or think? about this. By far this is the most bizarre football story I’ve ever heard…

  4. spartanirish900

    When is your next powerhouse of video coming? Anytime? soon?

  5. MauricXe

    Maybe Te’o is one pf those psychos on utube lolol

    7:05 that catch was AWEsome

    nice TD? at the end there haha

  6. backupquarterback

    Lmaobi cant stop laughing how the song nykia has been playin for a while fits this perfectly “Exposed, YOU? EXPOSED BITCH”

  7. CtOm041

    Kia, your story is flawed on one aspect, and that is they allegedly met in 09. Well before any Heisman talk.

    It makes sense he is gay. His dad is a hardcore Mormon, so Manti created this girl to hide the fact he is homo. You hear his dad coming out and defending him in denial. The man who created Kekua apparently had a relationship with Te’O before. I mean let’s think about it. Why create a fake long-distance girl, when he has the? ND girls flocking to him for being a Heisman candidate?

  8. ramjamflimflam

    Very bizzare events here. Hard for me to believe that he would lie about these things, but rather lying to keep it? quiet.

  9. xFloorGeneral

    …was known outside of the participants since ATLEAST the beginning of? December. They’ve ran with this the whole way, and damn near everything they’ve said is available. Whether it’s the ESPN interview, or the South Bend Tribune, or Te’o’s Jim Rome interview. It’s all out there, and their own words will come back to bite them in the ass.

  10. xFloorGeneral

    Yeah, this? is one of the strangest things I’ve ever heard, and I’ve been around for a bit. Also a life long Notre Dame fan.

    After reading his “statement” yesterday, I tweeted that I didn’t believe a word of it. No way he didn’t know about this. No way in hell. The Deadspin article was brilliant. His (and his family’s) actions are very damning, and from the statement, they seem to believe that everything they’ve said the past year somehow disappeared.

    And this whole thing… (cont)

  11. ram29jackson

    how does someone reset the other guys defense ? and I dont know? what you mean by reset anyway ?

  12. P4triotsD4nasty

    I think he definitely set it? up or went with the lie but my wild card is that he is covering up being gay.

  13. Rasdrizzy

    Kia,u talked about if your gonna pull off a fraud in this social media era,you’d better have your bases covered.Apparently Teo didnt get the memo cuz he got the? pic of his fake gf off facebook lmao.

  14. ThaReapa

    Dude’s gotta be gay. I read a ‘difficult to? follow’ article on Gizmodo and too much is attempting to be concealed for it to not be considered.

  15. dxdude2004

    It’s crazy…… I feel bad? for the guy kind of…if he is gay, he had to hide it. That’s lame. Otherwise, I figured it was a publicity thing.

  16. dablackneo

    Hell the notre dame football team was a? fraud!!! Last monday we saw this!!

  17. maddenkilo

    I think he? lied to cover up a homosexual relationship at Notre Dame’s encouragement. They obviously couldn’t have a gay star player because of their religious standing. Kinda too much of a coincidence to me that his “girlfriend” and that samoan kid that was his “friend” have similar story lines. Just a theory

  18. crsouth0043

    I can never get enough of that song, especially when? its perfect…

  19. hdjr14

    i think he lied for exposure? lol story sounds like bs

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