After Nearly Two Decades Together Wife Catches Husband Cheating — With Other Men. 8 Years Later, Here’s Why They’re Stronger Than Eve


After nearly two decades of marriage, a wife was shocked to discover that her husband was cheating on her — with other men. 8 years later, they’re still together and stronger than ever. Read on for more details!

A mom in Canada has revealed the unbelievable solution she decided on after she caught her husband cheating on her—with other men.

52-year-old Lianna Walden and her 54-year-old husband, Mark, have been blissfully happy ever since they married 22 years ago.

Then, 8 years ago, something changed and Lianna discovered that her husband had been cheating on her.

According to The Daily Mail, Mark told Lianna that he was bisexual and had been trying to explore his sexuality.

“We were on holiday hiking on a mountain when Mark said were needed to talk,” Lianna explained. “Mark told me he had been sleeping with other blokes and was bisexual. I was devastated but I didn’t want to be like my sister or friends and get a divorce because I still loved Mark.”

At first, Lianna had no idea how to cope with the shocking news.

“I did go into shock. It was devastating at first. I wasn’t as upset about him fooling around as I was about him lying to me,” she said. “I was feeling jealous that he had started experimenting. I didn’t want the same relationship any more. I said, if you’re going to do that then I would like to experiment, too.”

Although Lianna didn’t particularly like the idea of her husband sleeping with other men, in a desperate attempt to save her marriage, she decided to “think outside of the box.”

That’s when they started talking about having an open marriage.

“Mark could see his male friends and I could have flings with other people as well. We’d also indulge in threesomes as part of a shared experience. We’d put aside time to be together and time to play away,” Lianna said.

Shortly after trying their new idea, Lianna and Mark actually noticed that their own sex life had started to improve.

“It was like we wanted each other more than ever because we’d reached an open and honest agreement,” Lianna said.

When the pair first made the decision to have an open marriage about 8 years ago, they immediately told their children what was going on.

“We told the kids straight away because they are smart and if you have an open marriage and kids you need to be honest with them,” Lianna said. “They were then 13 and 14 and we told each other about potential new partners in the bedroom.”

“They took the news pretty well. There were questions. I think they thought we were going through some ’50 something phase’ but they accepted we made a responsible informed decision that works for us as a couple,” she added.

By sharing their own experience with the world, Lianna and Mark hope they can encourage other couples to explore just like they have.

“Don’t be afraid to be different to try things you think are taboo because they just may be the solution you need to improve a relationship. People need to understand that sexuality is fluid and there is no right or wrong,” Lianna said.

“Our relationship is always changing and never stop changing. Remember what you consider normal today may change tomorrow and Mark and I have learnt that and always will respect each others needs,” she added.



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