Neeraj Bhatia CPA, Boxford, Peabody, Arlington, MA


He is a womanizer, manipulator and liar. Tells women that he is looking for a committed partner to marry, but he never has any intent of every doing so. He is divorced and has two children. He is a partner at his Father’s CPA firm, but he lives off his father. He often uses his children to portray that he is a wonderful (Papa) family person, whereas most of the time he will dump them on his parents and family, while he can go out and mess with multiple women.

He will constantly give you a lot of compliments and attention – show you plans for the future together, will not hesitate to introduce the children in by saying – you are the perfect woman who can help me raise my children. He also doesn’t hesitate to introduce you to his family friends and of course they all know that you are only temporary!

Found out later that his wife left him because she was fed up of his side affairs, and now every time he hooks up with someone, he will text her and let her know.

The conversations are always about how much money he has, and how everyone else is “retarted” and not good enough for him. He complained that all his ex-girlfriends are all crazy bitches and most of them are “gold diggers”. And by the way – he will talk about how he will pamper you with the best money can buy but will never follow through. He cannot stop bragging about his BMW, and his Rolex (that was a present for him). He pretends to be a victim of society who has not found true love and how he wants you to take care of him.

His dumping style is sudden – one day it’s all nice and beautiful and the next day he just stops calling, texting or taking your calls.

Found out he does that on a regular basis – even within his friends friends, who hook him up with prospective matches. His interest level can last anywhere from 1 – 6 months after which he is on to the next woman. BEWARE of this dangerous man – he will play with your emotions and then walk off without any remorse or explanation.

He believes women are “objects” to be used and thrown after a period of time.

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