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Netflix teased plans to expand its Top 10 feature by launching a Top 50 list in the UK, including film and TV specific categories.

Netflix is currently testing a Top 50 feature in order to better serve subscribers.

“Netflix confirmed to me that is testing a Top 50 list, expanding on the Top 10 it rolled out earlier this year,” tweeted Saqib Shah, who reports on tech, media and telecoms for S&P Global Market Intelligence. “In keeping with that feature, there is a Top 50 row for all content on the home page, and separate lists for films and TV shows.”

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According to Shah, the aim of expanding the list to 50 is to make it easier for users to find something to watch. He added, “Top 10 is a good resource for that, but ultimately limited seeing as [Netflix] has a massive, expanding library. Hence now some ppl are seeing a longer Top 50 row of top ranked content.”

A spokesperson for Netflix shared, “As we have seen with the Top 10, members like to know what’s popular when picking what to watch. We’re testing if showing an expanded list of popular titles around the globe will be helpful. As with all our tests, we will only roll [it] out if members find it useful.”

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Netflix first tested its Top 10 list in the UK during the second quarter of 2019 and officially launched the feature stateside in February 2020. As it operates currently, the list is updated every day, and its position on your screen is based on how much the Top 10 titles match your personal preferences. Content listed as part of the Top 10 list also receives a special badge that appears on the title whenever it is visible on your screen. The Top 10 feature came on the heels of Netflix changing its autoplay feature, which gave users the option to stop the platform from automatically playing previews for related TV shows and movies.

News of the Top 50 test came just days after a new application — not associated with Netflix — launched, which allows users and their friends to pick which streaming shows or films they want to watch together. The Swipe With Friends app works similarly to the Tinder dating app by allowing users to swipe through titles, swiping right for programs they want to watch and left for titles they reject. The new app features popular streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max and Disney+, and also gives users the option to pick from free platforms such as Crackle and IMDb TV.

Shah first spotted the Top 50 list in the UK on the PS4 app. It appears to not be available yet via the web in the UK or on any devices in the United States.

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