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Netflix recently announced that it will be renewing ‘Love Is Blind’ for a second season. The show which is a Netflix production gained its success right after it was released in February 2020. The show revolves around the concept of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’, wherein contestants from the previous ‘The Bachelor‘ or ‘The Bachelorette‘ are given a second chance to find true love.

The show became popular among the youth, especially those who believe in fairytale type romance stories. The show casts people and gives them the opportunity to test their luck. They are given the liberty to go on dates with their fellow contestants, serenade them, enjoy the dating life.  This, however, comes at the cost of their dating lives being a source of entertainment for people all around the world.

Love Is Blind stands for its title, that love, in fact, is blind and can happen to anyone at any point in time. The show, of course, aims to end its season with single contestants finding love interests or walking out with fiances or fiancees. The show thrived essentially because of its steamy romance scenes and the courtship between the contestants. It sets up an environment in which love has to flourish. The show did have its streak of drama, heartbreak and meltdowns.

For many contestants, the show did not end so well, for some who had hopes in their heart to find true love, walked out disappointed. Even after getting the platform to access the luxurious dating life, some contestants weren’t able to strike a connection. There were many who did gain a lot of knowledge about the other sex and how to court them in the future. However, some just left the show with a heavy heart.

The drama that unrolled was worth the watch, even though it is someones dating life that was at stake for the entertainment of the audience. The number of fights, breakdowns, crying and disappointment with the opposite sex. All of this had the audience munching on their snacks like crazy!

According to sources, the audience absolutely loved the show and have been waiting for another season! Certain online polls(voting) showed that the show’s fanbase grew more during the COVID-19 lockdown which started in late March. The very idea of going on lovely and romantic dates had people yearning!

‘Love Is Blind’ acted as a saviour for all the die-hard romantics! It provided them all the zing and spice of the dating life without them actually having to step in the dating world. It was like accessing Tinder but someone else was chatting on their behalf.

The show which will be returning to Netflix in 2021 has made its fans happy and super thrilled. According to sources, the creator of the show Coelen plans to shoot the next season in Chicago! So, if you’re anywhere near Chicago you can audition to be a part of the cast of the next season! There are also speculations that the cast of the next season might be picked from different states of the U.S. or even from different countries. The reason behind this could be to include people from different cultures to mingle and fall in love.

What are your views about the show? Excited for it to come back to Netflix? Comment your views!!

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