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Singapore—Love at any time is challenging, but love in the time of Covid is perhaps more challenging than ever. Netizens have been particularly interested in one poster on the NUSWhispers Facebook page, and they have a lot to say about his confession that he’s losing interest in a girl he met on Tinder just because she only has 1,000 followers on Instagram, despite having many qualities that he says he admires.

The post, which was published on Tuesday (June 9) has been widely shared and commented on.

I’m starting to lose interest in this girl I met from Tinder after realising she only has 1k IG followers. So I am still…

Posted by NUSWhispers on Monday, June 8, 2020

The poster wrote that he “is confused as to whether I should even give her a chance,” because of the small number of followers.

They first met over Tinder, and got on so well that they were messaging daily, and even did video calls at night. He had many nice things to say about her: “She is my type, pretty, nice body, educated, decent job, outgoing personality.”

However, when “after about 2 weeks,” he found out that she had a Instagram following that is considerably smaller than his. “Majority of her followers are just her friends. She barely has any fans and her IG is public,” he wrote.

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For him, this posed a problem because

  1. He has 10K IG followers himself
  2. His 4 ex-ex-girlfriends had between 10k to 80k followers each
  3. He is someone who “has always pride (sic) myself on only dating influencers”

This matters a lot to him because, as he explains, “Like it or not, your IG followers is a reflection of how attractive you are. Cos if you are hot, confirm will attract followers on IG.”

He then went on to talk about how much of a catch he is.

“I myself am quite a catch, which is why I managed to get 10k followers even though I don’t post very often also. So since I am considered the cream of the crop, I will also only want to date girls who are the cream of the crop. My friends have also always admired me for being able to date all these highly coveted girls.”

And although the woman became “less attractive in (his) eyes,” he’s wondering if he should give her a chance because, “the more cold I become, the more hot she become.” He added that “dating IG famous girls” comes with its own set of problems such as “jealousy, insecurity, cheating.”

However, he worried that he would lose his status in the eyes of his friends “by dating such an average girl,” and adding “I get invited to Media/PR events quite often. Can you imagine how embarrassing it will be if I bring this girl there with her 1k followers? I will also feel so embarrassed to tag her in my IG if we really end up together. Like my followers will prob go see her IG and realise I have really downgraded from 80k to 1k.” Yes, he went there, actually calling the possibility of a relationship with her a “downgrade.”

The woman had asked to meet after Phase 1 is lifted, which is why the poster is crowdfunding for advise from NUSWhispers readers.

“Any advice from people who dated someone who is in a lower league and didn’t regret it?

P.S: Please don’t be hypocrites and troll this post. I’m sure all of you follow hot people on IG who have no idea you exist. My salary is quite average but I can assure you I get more girls sliding into my DMs than high earning investment bankers.”

Netizens were appalled by the post and how highly the individual thought of himself, versus how lowly he regarded the woman just because of the number of Instagram followers.

Many people commenting said that the woman deserved better, and told him not to pursue the relationship.

Others wondered if the poster is a real person, or if he’s just trolling for responses.


At least one netizen told the guy to just date his own phone.


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