Networking is the new online dating


You never know where networking will lead. Jane smith of Hillcroft Office Supplies was literally swept off her feet by a proposition last week, although we were assured that no money changed hands on this occasion.

Her taste for networking was clearly left unsatisfied by our BGN weekly meeting, despite the lineup of entrepreneurial beefcake that lines up every Wednesday morning for some one-to-one and group action, Jane has clearly been playing away on other, more amorous, networking websites.

As a result, she hit gold last week when her date arrived at our usual meeting place at Langrish House in his own helicopter for an intimate tea date.

Unfortunately, Jane told us that neither the gentleman nor his chopper measured up to her exacting standards, prompting some snickering from the audience. I’m not sure why though, I have happy memories as a kid riding a chopper back in the 1970s when that sort of thing was popular, so I don’t know what’s so funny about it.

Back to work – photographer Michel Focard revealed more than he should with a tale of flashing over his three decadas living in Petersfield.

Human resources expert Natalie Schmulian warned managers that the sickly season is upon us as employees feel that strong pull from the sun.

And entertainer Joe Smith was on the spot during an event last week helping to save a life when one of his audience took a turn for the worse and needed some first aid. Well done Joe!

The weekly prize for the best elevator pitch went to Liss’s reliable gardener Steve Smith who’s working his nuts off at this time of year and the six-minute presentation was a chance for ace floor fitter Adam George (What’s on the floors George?) to show us his family album. He even brought his mentor/uncle along for his romp down memory lane.

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