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Online dating apps are now the new normal for our generation. With the hectic schedules and work-life disbalance, it seems only logical that millions of Indians are turning to dating apps to meet new people. Dating apps are a boon for our 9-5 generation that can’t seem to function without a cup of coffee every morning, evening, and night. Dating apps provide options and freedom to interact and meet with new people that we might otherwise have not known about at all. 

So if you’re someone who’s single and is thinking about the mingle in the safety of your home then why not try these 5 awesome dating apps.   

Tinder is the benchmark when it comes to online dating apps. Tinder was the app that started it all. Today Tinder is a cultural behemoth with over 100,000,000+ installs just on Google Playstore. Tinder was and is a simple to use dating app where all you have to do is upload your photos and a few details like name, age, gender, and sexual preference. Then swiping is all there’s to it. If you like a profile you swipe right and if you don’t then swipe left. If both parties swipe right then it’s a match. Tinder started the swiping revolution that you see in all the dating apps. If you’re going to start online dating then start with Tinder.   

Bumble is an online dating app that has made it a priority to challenge traditional gender roles and it is beautiful. On Bumble too there’s the usual swiping but with a twist. If there is a match it’s the women who have to initiate the chat. This is what has been the greatest strength of Bumble. It lets women take charge of the conversation. Once there is a match you get a 24-hour window to initiate the conversation and if you don’t the match disappears. This creates a sense of urgency to the whole dynamic. Women’s names are also hidden on Bumble to protect the privacy of its user base. There are video calling and voice calling option in the app itself so the matches can have a conversation there instead of sharing social media details. Bumble is a great online dating app. 

OkCupid is a dating website that has an online dating app. So to approach it as just an online dating app is not advisable. What makes OkCupid different is the amount of details users have to fill. Unlike Tinder or Bumble, OkCupid asks for everything from its users. This makes it ao online dating app for the more serious crowd. In India, OkCupid has been extremely popular due to its thoroughness and match percentage algorithms. You have to fill in your name, dob, height, and everything imaginable to start swiping here. Unlike other online dating apps on the list, you can actually message people on OkCupid if you like their profile and it’s up to them if they want to respond.     

If you want to ditch the whole casual dating scene and want to dive into something more serious then Hinge is the dating app for you. Hinge is The dating app designed to be deleted. It takes matching its users very seriously. This is the only app on this list in which you can’t swipe. In order to show interest, you have to like a photo or a profile prompt of the other person and send them that like along with a message. Hinge is all about initiating the conversation.  

Suprised. You shouldn’t be. Instagram is the best online dating app in the world if you can use it properly. Think of your profile as a dating page and your stories as profile prompts. You can start conversing with people by reacting to their stories or by sending memes. Do I need to go on more?

So here is our new and updated online dating apps list for 2020. Take your time and find those matches. Cheers.

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