This #new #dating #app will let you #RATE your #dates for #others to #see

If you’re into online dating,y ou probably know the feeling of nervousness before a Tinder or Internet date well.

There’s the contemplation of what the person will be like, and most importantly, are they a secret creep or not?

Well, one dating app is putting the mystery of online dating to bed, with a rating system where you can see what other people thought of your potential date.

Do I Date hopes to establish a an honest dating experience giving hopeful romantics the chance to rate their dates out of five.

The app also allows past dates to comment and give feedback on how they found their dates company, and why they liked or disliked them.

You can search for potential dates based on ratings, and review the feedback of others.

Plugged as ‘a platform to discover more about the person you plan to go out with tonight,’ the app is taking some of the mystery out of meeting strangers.

However, with the dangers of online dating, it’s definitely a good idea to have a little background on the person you’re about to meet for the first time.