A New Dating Website Looks to Help Dog Owners Find Love


Dating is hard enough without having to factor in the real love of your life, your puppy. The web is filled with sad stories of couples who hit a wall because one of them just doesn’t really love the other’s dog. The result is either heartbreak, or worse-case scenario a dog who ends up in a shelter (please don’t do this!). Well, now a site is looking to change this.
There’s a new dating site online that’s just for dog lovers. HotDiggiddy, “where dog lovers find love,” is a place for dog lovers (and their dogs) to meet, whether for a date, to arrange a doggie playdate or just to find a group of dog-loving friends.
The site is the brainchild of Scott Murray, who’s been ruminating about a dog-friendly dating site for more than a decade. The idea remained just an idea for about eight years, Murray says, as life, kids, and career kept him busy. “About two years ago, I decided that it was time for HotDiggiddy to become the place ‘where dog lovers find love,’” he says.

Murray grew up with dogs. There were one to four dogs living in his house at any given time. “It seemed like something was missing when I moved out on my own,” he said. “The missing link? A dog.”
He spent time thinking about the things people are passionate about. His answer was ultimately two things: their dogs and their love life. “The number of people looking to provide for their dogs and looking for love online has hit an all-time high,” Murray says. “I wanted to get involved.”

HotDiggiddy was set up to be more than a hook-up site. It’s a “social dating dite,” for dog lovers, says Murray, so people can find someone to dat
e (if that is what they are looking for), or find a platonic relationship with other people who love dogs as much as they do.

“Have you ever invited someone over for a visit, and as soon as they walked in the door, your dog immediately reacted to them? Not in a nice way,” asks Murray. “We find that the people who our dogs like are usually people who we can trust and get along with — even if they are not dog owners themselves. These people just seem to give off good vibes that you and your dog can feel.”

Setting up a profile on HotDiggiddy is a little different than most dating sites. There are a couple of different ways dog lovers can describe what they are looking for. “It is not all about just dating,” Murray says. “Remember, ‘social dating’ is about getting to know a person and how they respond in social situations — and in dog situations.”

During their profile creation, members can state exactly what they are looking to find:

  • a dog walking companion.
  • a play-date for my dog.
  • a friend with a dog.
  • a local dog lovers group.
  • a woman to date.
  • a man to date.

Signing up and viewing other members’ profiles is free, but to connect there is a fee. People can either choose monthly membership options, or they can pay as they go.