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Log onto any of your social media, and one of the first memes you will see is some person or animal screaming really loud with the caption:

“Ya’ll afraid to moan during sex? I be in my girl’s ear like:”

I have to admit, the first twenty times I saw that caption, it was funny.

The next thousand times? Not so much.

However old and overused the sensationalized meme becomes, the foundation and premise remain king.

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Women like when you show them how much you want them.

Now, this is pretty great advice for everyday life. Whether you are going shopping, out to dinner, or just staying in and talking… women want validation.

We like to feel loved, and love to feel that through verbal communication.

Especially in the bedroom.

And today I’m going to show you the science behind why this is–plus how to make a woman feel so desired that she truly opens up for you in bed.

Because doing this can make the difference between “alright” sex… and mind-blowing, whole-body orgasmic sex that leaves her breathless in your bed. ?

So let’s get started!

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The Bizarre Reason Why Showing a Woman You Want Her Can Literally Make Sex Feel Better (For Both Of You)…

When you’re silent in the bedroom, your partner is most likely thinking she’s doing something wrong, or you’re just not that into her anymore.

Trust me, this is not what you want.

You could be doing everything right all day, then sex with no moans or compliments makes her second guess how happy you are in your relationship.

I’m not talking about “porny” moans and sounds either.

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You don’t need to over-dramatize anything. But at the same time, don’t hold anything back if it’s real. Let the noises free!

It deepens the mood and increases pleasure.

For the love of your relationship and sex life, show her you love her body!

A new study has revealed that women receive more sexual satisfaction the more they know their partner loves their body.

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The Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy released a study that surveyed over 240 women.

These women were between the ages of 18 and 30. All of these women were reported to be in a committed relationship lasting at least three months.

These women had all been sexually active within the last month.

The scientists started out the study by assessing these women’s appreciation for their own bodies.

These statements were anywhere from “I feel good about my body,” to “I respect my body.”

The women then were asked to rate statements like, “My partner feels good about my body,” and include any details about their sexual functioning over the last four weeks.

For example, how sexually desired they felt, their level of arousal, lubrication, and number of orgasms they had in a given session between the sheets.

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So what?

So, the research found that the more a woman feels wanted and thinks her partner appreciates her and her body, the more sexual pleasure she will receive.

Which means more lubrication, more orgasms, and more satisfying sex (more often).

3 Panty-Soaking Moves That Get Hot Girls to DRAG You Into the Bedroom For Sex!

That’s Not All The Study Found…

The study found a significant relationship between how much women appreciated their own bodies and how much they thought their partner appreciated them as well.

Basically, a woman with a good body image also thought her partner viewed her body positively.

However, researchers found that a woman’s own body image was much less of a factor in her sexual functioning. More depended on what she thinks her partner’s views of her body are.

This suggests that in order to have a satisfying sex life, a woman must also feel attractive–most importantly, she must feel attractive to you.

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There are no secrets in sex. No shirts or coats to hide behind. No teasing. Just you and her.

By showing her you appreciate her body, you love her body, you think she is the hottest woman ever, you are building trust.

During sex, you are both so vulnerable to each other.

You are allowing each other to see a side of you very few people (depending on your body count) will ever get to see. And I’m not just talking about your orgasm face. ;).

By complimenting her in the bedroom, you are validating her body and performance. She will be able to feel more secure.

This will help her be able to let her guard down and really get into it and enjoy herself.

Mention specific things you love, or take a few minutes to kiss all over her body. Let her know you see her and you love what you see.

And when you’re really ready to take her over the edge…

Try this ;-):

new sex moves
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Once She’s Wet & Ready to Go… How To Make Her Explode With Pleasure!

Once you’re done exploring her body…

Kissing every inch of her…

Discovering where her sensitive spots are, and what spots make her moan…

… if you’ve done all this, she will be dripping wet, and close to having the kind of orgasm that makes her forget her name.

I’m talking about the kind of orgasm she feels from the top of her head, to the tips of her toes…

That makes her body twitch uncontrollably with pleasure… and turns into waves of successive “rolling” orgasms *mmmm*

And potentially even the kind of orgasm that makes her SQUIRT… (you’ve been warned haha)…

But you have to hit the right spot.

It’s a spot in a woman’s vagina that most fingering techniques, and even “deep penetration” sex positions, cannot stimulate properly.

(Not because it’s so far up it’s impossible to reach… but the angle is kinda funny. You have to move your fingers exaaaaactly right to hit it)

And in my experience, one of the ONLY ways to reach this elusive spot… is by using a multi-orgasmic tantric move, called “5 Finger Tantra”:

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Sure, there are other ways you can make a woman come if you’ve put in the time…

Hell, I’m sure she’ll be more than grateful if you go down on her for a while…

But if you want to see her come HARD

Like so hard she’ll remember you for the rest of her life… and even think of you while she’s having sex long after you two have stopped talking…

Then I HIGHLY recommend you try “5 Finger Tantra” at least once… I promise you won’t regret it ;-):

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[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on June 22, 2020.]

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