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A new study into online dating has given hope to single Mancunians that technology could provide them with the pathway to finding that special someone.

The concept of lonely-hearts advertisements is not new, with one the earliest examples in the United Kingdom dating back to the late 1600s.

Fast forward to the 21st century and online dating has become big business as millions of people now use the internet to hook up with potential partners.

Recent research from Betway online casino highlighted how far things have progressed, with dating apps making it even easier for people to find their ideal mate.

This is undoubtedly great news for Manchester, with the city boasting one of the highest concentrations of single people in the UK.

A 2018 study by eHarmony found that 51 percent of Mancunians had been without a partner for 10 years, with many of them giving up on love entirely.

However, Betway’s investigation into online dating showed that technology could be a Godsend for anyone who is hoping shake off their single shackles.

They found that Tinder was streets ahead of its rivals in the popularity stakes, ranking as the highest-rated dating app in the iOS app store in 86 percent of the 165 countries researched.

Launched in 2012, the app amassed an estimated 50 million users in its first six years, recording 26m matches per day.

Available in 190 different countries and featuring more than 40 different languages, Tinder clearly has the power to change lives.

Although marginally more popular with users in South America, the app also proved to be hugely popular with single people in Europe.

Across the continent, the average ranking for the Tinder dating app was 88.9 in the iOS App Store, proving just how popular it has become.  

Almost every country in western Europe other than Italy had at least one dating app in the top 100, suggesting that the ‘land of love’ may still be more reliant on traditional dating methods.  

The study surprising discovered that the most prolific daters came from Germany, with Tinder climbing to number 55 in their app store.

Northern and eastern Europe appear to be less enamoured with the concept of online love, with Norway, Sweden, Russia or Turkey failing to have a dating app in their top 100.

Despite this, the popularity of dating apps such as Tinder proves that people have become increasingly confident about using technology to find love.

This should undoubtedly give hope to singles in Manchester, although it is worth bearing in mind that patience may be needed before you find the right partner.

Many women find that men often use the first date for therapy, giving them the opportunity to get their gripes about previous partners off their chest.

While that factor is not exactly the best advertisement for dating apps, their burgeoning popularity demonstrates that they can produce results.

The old adage of ‘there is someone out there for everyone’ still rings true, so fire up your mobile and give dating apps a go.

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