New Type Of Nigerian Scam


This lonely woman was taken for $24000


25 thoughts on “New Type Of Nigerian Scam

  1. med8911

    they just try to get back :money ;your? governement and companies steal from africa
    and u know thats true

  2. Bob Munger

    LOL,we send? money every year to people we never met! it’s called the “internal revenue service”. i’m ok with that tho. it takes big bucks to run our country. just stop giving it away to those rotten liers all over the world. like the mideast and afganistan. i want our treasurery to be paid back for the cost of the war rhere.

  3. Paul Zaj

    You should be working for? the Government or be employed by a pharmaceutical company you sir are genius

  4. CaveofTwoLovers

    Yes, he is a racist, but he also posted the truth. Have a look at what
    ladysweet600 said too. ? It’s all racist bullshit, but why do you only point out the ‘white’ guy as a racist?
    Double standards are just sickening.

  5. CaveofTwoLovers

    People need to wise the fuck up.
    Just seeing idiots upon idiots fall for these things. Boo-fucking-hoo, you’re a lonely douche. That doesn’t? mean you’re mentally disabled.

  6. VedubauLuv

    all those poor, poor hungrey? little black kids? with swollen bellies? and flies on their? eyes…News flash :: They grew up….and now have lap tops and their Fucking scamming the world….


  7. petitesea

    those ppl should stop what they are doing they giving? a bad name to nigerians ppl !! Now (ignorant )ppl think nigerian are all the same and that african are all the same because in their little brain africa is a big contry!! pff

  8. TheTomasek1

    Just hearing the word “? nigerian ” must warn you . Common people , you know better then that.

  9. uk4word

    FOOL, it? was the white that produced polio vaccines using the organs of chimpanzees as the media and that was how the virus entered the human body.

  10. Thomas Lalor

    I worked for (a legal) service. At no time did we EVER, EVER, EVER represent a Nigerian, Haitian, or other? “african” entity once completing the interview between client and counsel. They were ALL dishonest and deceitful right from the start. We took on the responsibility to report these data to proper authorities despite the ‘client-attorney’ privilege. Attorneys are not obligated to represent clients whom they know to be afoul of the law.

  11. rc300xs

    Sad reality is “she was the weak one”. These scammers are wrong but it’s a two way street. Who in their right? mind would send money to someone you’ve never met.

  12. NadzaVa

    now? I think more much scammers-men then women prostituters! at me much times asked money men at Usa which I delitted of corse…

  13. lubangad

    exactly how stupid can one be to send their life savings to a total stranger? Even the stupidity scale will show no trace? of brain power!

  14. redbonegal

    Bruce Willis ran a Nigerian? romance scam?…..Lol

  15. barbaras1948

    she is the nut.? giving money to someone u never met. she is the crazy one.

  16. Natalie Melisa

    scam them pls, they have killed africans right up to todays..scam scam scam this devils,they thought us..oh oh God if i had a way i will scam the holed Europe and Americans bank and burn it to arch ..Whites pple loves to see just thier sides.
    Black and Whites , which fucking trash? has killed,stoled,lie,hatred and all what a human could think of has done?
    u talking about Nigerians scaming trashes ?oh hell no we just need to evaporate Europe and USA on this Earth.

  17. Frank Lanier

    How can silly people think using negative words will make them sound intelligent. HIV and AIDS? was started by uncaring people just wanting sex.

  18. lockudlad

    He’s driving? a porch and she’s loosing her house! Talk about laughing all the way to the bank.

  19. nightowl8936

    Remember, the root word of Nigeria? is Niger, which is more commonly written as nigger.

    I think a prion disease should be let loose in Nigeria ASAP to kill these nigger bitches off once and for awesomeness.

  20. jack smith

    24,000 thats not weak .sorry but thats strong,.Feel sorry for these gullible girls though and evil fucking niggerians? as usual.

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