News Clip of Alleged Looter Making off With Cheesecake Goes Viral | #tinder | #pof

The latest viral video from the ongoing protests around the U.S. shows a woman walking calmly down the street with a cheesecake in her hand — right near where a Cheesecake Factory had been looted. The clip comes from Seattle, where demonstrations turned extreme on Saturday and businesses were looted. That included a Cheescake Factory, though the anchors still gave this woman and her cake the benefit of the doubt.

The video was taken from KIRO 7’s live coverage of the demonstrations in Seattle, Washington on Saturday, with an anchor narrating as cameras panned around the scene. When the focus fell on a woman walking with an uncovered cheesecake in her hand, the anchor made no assumptions, and viewers appreciated that. “You see someone actually walking away with a cheesecake there, after the Cheesecake Factory was looted,” she said. “Unclear where they may have gotten that.”

The clip drew additional laughs for viewers because of the chyron at the time — “Protests Turn Destructive.” To many, the presence of a cheesecake in that otherwise somber scene was more “chaotic” than destructive, although most seemed to assume it had been stolen.

Many people revered the “cheesecake girl,” whose identity was protected by her face mask. Others thought that she illustrated the disparity in how people of different skin tones are treated, as she seemed unconcerned about being stopped with her potentially stolen dessert out on the street.

All in all, the cheesecake video was a welcome breath of levity for many people online this weekend. Here’s a look at how Twitter responded to the now-infamous Seattle cheesecake video.

No Snitching




‘Eat the Rich’


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