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Viviana Saccone

After four years of relationship, in August 2018 Viviana Saccone announced his separation from the actor Santiago García Rosa. During the time they were in a couple they tried to preserve the feelings beyond what they will say. They focused on what the heart dictates, because the 25 years of difference between them, a figure in which everyone stopped, for them it was not a counterpoint. Unlike.

Viviana had referred to the issue back then, as a kind of final opinion: « I don’t like to be asked about the age difference because it seems macho to me. That is machismo in its purest form, because when it occurs in the opposite way, being the greatest man, it is not an issue. ”

Viviana Saccone does not rule out turning to Tinder to find a partner (Infobae)

Exactly two years passed from the distancing. A lot of water ran under the bridge. And although Saccone usually admits that he gets along with loneliness, especially because he has his family present, he does not rule out falling in love again and giving himself another possibility in this regard. For the time being, he does not idealize the person in question and lets himself be led by intuition. « I don’t have a prototype of a man, I think those things happen or not », counted in The after of the preview, radio UrbanaBA.

In social networks she usually receives several invitations that take her by surprise. “It is like a bombardment, but in the bombardment I don’t catch on. Yes, as far as I can, I answer and greet. But the truth, it is difficult for something to be generated by Instagram. It is also true that it is risky to date someone you do not know« 

Viviana prefers to venture into other social networks. Others that generate more security for this type of issue. « I never say never, only that it’s risky. What’s more: that’s why I prefer Tinder. The other day I was saying to a friend that I’m going to download it because there is more knowledge there. On Instagram, first of all, I can’t read everything, due to the number of messages that come to me, and then I start a conversation from scratch with someone you don’t know, so you can check out their Instagram and see the puppy, the scenery, the little pineapple , the phrase … « , surprised.

Viviana Saccone and her last pubic partner, Santiago García Rosa

Immediately afterwards, the drivers wanted to inquire more about the Tinder, and there he specified: “No, it is not that I use it, I say that I was thinking of downloading it. Anyway I prefer to know the person, in the first instance I prefer that. I’m curious because I have friends who use it and it has worked for them. Pepe Cibrián uses it a lot, people don’t believe him, but it’s true, he tells me, and he even insists that I do the same ”.

Beyond this, Saconne said that before the quarantine she was meeting someone, but due to the obligatory social isolation she got cold. “I was starting something from the friendship side, which because of the quarantine, is still there, in a friendship. No progress could be made. But hey, he who waits does not despair. And if you don’t wait for me, it’s because it wasn’t for me. I increasingly believe that if it has to be, it will be. ”

As for work, Vivi, like so many other artists, had to readjust to the times. He launched a show called Pretextos 2020, which can be seen via streaming. « We try to recreate the climate of Borges in 1975, with you from your house, with a proposal that goes beyond the musical. It will be accompanied by Pablo Citarella and the appointment is August 14 at 22.


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