NFL Live OT: Road Ahead For Manti Te’o


Darren Woodson, Jason Taylor and Jerry Rice discuss the questions Manti Te’o will face as he prepares for the NFL draft.


12 thoughts on “NFL Live OT: Road Ahead For Manti Te’o

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  2. thehognias

    He lied to everyone in an attempt to get sympathy and win the heisman. He’s a liar. He made up the whole thing, accepted a game ball for her, soaked up all the sympathy and the attention. Cried on TV about her. So he’s either crazy or he’s a liar– if? you’re a boss, you don’t hire crazy people and you don’t hire liars.

  3. metalheadk93

    or maybe she was a contact? and not a “girlfriend”.


    why the hell do we care about Te’o’s fake girlfriend matter? I really don’t? understand this situation.

  5. swagyumm

    really? 3 years no physical contact!!! not? buying it.. he gay

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