Nicholas Johnny Luke


Scammer’s Profile or Account Name:Nicholas Luke

Scammer’s Country: don’t know

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installation engineer, hardworking, spiritual, good library, looking for serious relationship let’s now each other better.

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His web site: ,
website of his drilling materials:

website of his bank:
The Jameson bank have no website adress on google, he send you a link, and I saw the double N on the search bar…

(all those website have the same administrator when you look on ”whois”.

Phone number: 514-600-8073

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”This world may be having many beautyful girls out there. But none of them have the charm as magnetic as you. Isimply cannot resist you. I LOVE YOU.
I love you with faithful heart.”
” Honey” I really miss you! Last night my body is shaking!”
”I would thank you from the bottom of my heart but for you my heart has not bottom”
” kiss your heart”
” You know why I love you so much, Not because you look so beautiful, but because you are truly wonderful! You have a real heart and I would only pray that we never ever apart. You are my life now my dear My life’s only cheer
I love you so much”